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Pokemon GO: Trainer is insanely lucky for 9 minutes, but could have used a lot more

The Galar Birds in Pokemon GO are very difficult to find and even more difficult to catch. A trainer now showed what crazy luck he had with the birds – and that it still wasn’t enough.


The problem with the Galar birds: In Pokemon GO there is the “daily adventure smoke”. Players can use this item once per day to get special spawns for 15 minutes. The more you run during this time, the more Pokemon appear.

Which monsters appear is completely random. However, it is known that the Galar versions of Arktos, Lavados and Zapdos are also behind this item. So it can happen that you suddenly come across one of these legendary birds on a walk in the wilderness.


But two elements make the catch difficult:

  • For one, there is no reliable system for finding the birds. Some players report not having seen any of them to this day.
  • Also, they are extremely difficult to catch. The flee rate is so high that if the first throw of a ball doesn’t result in a catch, they usually flee.
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To meet such a bird at all means that you were very lucky. Catching him is an absolute rarity.


That’s why what a trainer recently reported on the Pokemon GO subreddit is all the crazier.

Hit all the birds at once – But it comes as it must

The trainer shows: User “Dabminton” shared an exciting story on the Pokemon GO subreddit. The trainer went on a normal adventure smoke tour – but in the course of it encountered all three Galar birds in a row.


Within 9 minutes he met Zapdos, Arktos, Lavados and then Zapdos again. He shared this crazy luck in a screenshot:

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But at the same time, the trainer also showed that the spawns themselves are really only half the battle. Because all three birds left the field and could not be caught.

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Thus, the trainer could not add any of the birds to his collection. But there was a lot of sympathy from the rest of the community who commented on his post on reddit:

  • “Zapdos taunts you by coming back only to run away again. It feels personal,” one commented (via reddit).
  • “You’re the unhappiest person on this sub,” says user kamrantw (via reddit).
  • “Fortunate and unfortunate,” corrected another (via reddit).
  • “I think that’s as rare as actually catching one” (via reddit).
  • “This disrespect. Personally, I wouldn’t accept it from my phone” (via reddit)
  • “I would cry” (via reddit).
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A user is still trying to find out the background and asks whether the encounters took place on a familiar route or in a new place because he would find more spawns in “fresh” places himself. However, the trainer explains that he actually went the same route at the usual time.


The three birds originally appeared in Pokemon GO in Summer 2022. In December we wanted to know from you in a survey how many specimens you had already seen or caught. Out of 7,520 votes back then, 61% went to ‘I haven’t caught one yet’, 20% to ‘I haven’t seen one yet’.

Overall, the three birds should still be among the rarest catches that can be recorded in Pokemon GO.


How are you doing at the moment? Have you been able to catch more of the birds? Tell us in the comments!

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