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Pokemon GO: Trainers jump on a new catch gadget – “Sold out in 10 minutes”

For Pokemon GO, the new Pokemon GO Plus+ will be launched. and the demand for the new catch gadget seems huge. We have summarized the reason for the run and what the device can do here on MeinMMO.

About what kind of device are we talking? Back in May 2019, the Pokemon Company announced a new catching gadget called “Pokemon GO Plus +”. This should be able to connect to Pokemon GO and a new game called “Pokemon Sleep”. It’s capable of catching Pokemon even when you’re not actively playing.


Since then, however, nothing has been heard from the new gadget and the associated game “Pokemon Sleep” – until yesterday. On February 27, 2023, Pokemon Day took place, where numerous news about the world of small pocket monsters were announced. So also the release of the Pokemon GO Plus +.

We’ll show you what we know about the new gadget and why it has already led to a real run.

New Pokemon GO Plus+ goes on presale and is gone straight away

A look at the social networks shows that the new gadget is obviously in high demand among trainers. It was released for pre-order right after it was announced in the Pokemon Company presentation, as confirmed by Pokemon expert LeekDuck on his Twitter account.

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Twitter user Qshinys was also able to secure one of the coveted devices and proudly shared a picture of his order, with the words (via “Got mine before it sold out”.


Sold out in minutes: But not all coaches were so lucky. As some players say on Twitter, the device was sold out within minutes. Others, however, are surprised that the GO Plus + was already available for purchase. So you can find the following comments there (via

  • phoenixhaboss: “It was already available for pre-order?”
  • Garcia_1984: “You were really lucky! They sold out in about 10 minutes.”
  • RaspberryWeiner: “Damn! Didn’t know it was available.”
  • TinyTigerXO: “And already sold out.”
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The reddit community is also amazed at the rapid sale of the new catch gadget. SnarkyBard explains (via “I was so confused when I checked – actually I was going to pre-order it too so I’m shocked that they’re ‘sold out’. You have 4 months to produce more before it even goes on sale!”

Now it’s time for everyone who wants the gadget and didn’t get anything yesterday to wait and hope that supplies will be available soon.


But why is the GO Plus+ actually so popular? We’ll show you what it can do.

What can the Pokemon GO Plus+ do that makes it so popular?

All the features of the new catch gadget: The Pokemon GO Plus + is the successor to the GO Plus, which has been around for many years and allows Trainers to catch Pokemon on the go with the push of a button. You don’t have to have your cell phone in your hand, but pair the game with the device and occasionally press the button on the gadget.

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That should also be possible with the new Pokemon GO Plus +, but also one or two more. The new catch gadget in Pokemon GO offers you the following:

  • automatically catching Pokemon in the wild
  • automatically rotate to PokéStops near you
  • Switch between Poké Balls, Super Balls and Ultra Balls with the push of a button
  • special research when you first pair it with Pokemon GO
    • Reward: Encountering Relaxo with a sleepyhead
Relaxo with a sleepyhead

In addition, you can also pair the gadget with the new game “Pokemon Sleep” which is also due to be released this year. This game lets you catch Pokemon while you sleep. The Pokemon GO Plus + should be able to record and analyze your sleep data in this context. The gadget can also sing you lullabies and wake you up in the morning.

According to current information, there should finally be an interface at a later date so that Pokemon GO can also use the collected sleep data in the game. You can see more about the functions of the Pokemon GO Plus + in the following video:


Pokemon GO brings new catching gadget – the Pokemon GO Plus + can do that


More videos

What makes it special for coaches? In contrast to the GO Plus, the trainers can switch back and forth between the balls with the Pokemon GO Plus + for the first time. Previously, only normal Poké Balls were thrown during auto-catch, but this made it correspondingly harder for the monster to stay in the ball. With a Hyperball your chances are much better in the future.


In addition, with the GO Plus you always had to press a button to carry out the respective action. That should also change with the GO Plus +. So it’s supposed to automatically spin at stops and try to catch monsters.

But the special research with the costumed Relaxo also offers one or the other an additional purchase argument, because the monster can probably only be obtained through this research in the game and is therefore correspondingly rare. This should be of particular interest to collectors.

It is currently not known whether Relaxo with sleepyhead will also be available as Shiny, but since the normal Relaxo is available in its dazzling form, it would be conceivable. That would make a find even more unique.


More facts about the Pokemon GO Plus +

What does the Pokemon GO Plus+ look like? The device is round and flat. Visually, it should be reminiscent of a Poké Ball that has a button in the middle. According to the announcement, the gadget has a diameter of about 64.5 millimeters and a thickness of 18.3 millimeters and should weigh about 50 grams.

When will it be on the market? The Pokemon GO Plus + is scheduled for release this summer. Players in America can already look forward to their new gadget on July 14, 2023. Coaches in Europe, on the other hand, have to wait until July 21, 2023.

Advance sales have already started, but all devices are currently sold out. Whether and when there will be supplies is not known at this point in time.


How expensive is the GO Plus+? The new catch gadget could be pre-purchased for $54.99. It can be assumed that you can still buy it after its release for this price.

Can it be paired with the Switch? No, the Pokemon GO Plus + can only be connected to Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sleep. Pairing with the Nintendo Switch is not possible.

How do you like the new catch gadget? are you going to get it? Or were you able to secure one yesterday in advance? Feel free to write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.


The Pokemon GO Plus + wasn’t the only surprise of Pokemon Day, because you can finally catch Greed Specter in Pokemon GO. We have summarized how you have to do this in our guide.


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