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Pokemon GO: Trainers want a crimson and crimson raid feature – do you too?

A popular feature in Pokemon GO is fighting in raids. Now trainers want a feature from the main games Pokemon Crimson and Crimson. We at MeinMMO will show you what this is all about and want to know your opinion on the idea.

What are Raids? In Pokemon GO, trainers can not only catch monsters in the wild, but also compete against them in raids. Different raid bosses can be challenged there at different levels of difficulty. If you win the fight, you will not only receive a number of items and experience points, but also an encounter with the respective Pokemon.

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Above all, raids with legendary and mysterious Pokemon as well as with mega developments are very popular with the players. However, defeating them requires a lot of support from the community. But that always leads to problems. For this reason, some players now want a raid function, which already exists in a similar form in Pokemon Crimson and Crimson.

What is Pokemon Crimson and Crimson?
Pokemon Crimson and Crimson are two mainline games from Pokemon released for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. These deal with the monsters of the 9th game generation for the first time.

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The trainers want this new raid function

What is the problem? If you want to secure a legendary or mysterious Pokemon from the level 5 raid or the new top raids in Pokemon GO, you generally need other trainers to help you in the fight. Most of these raid bosses can’t be done alone.

But not every player can fall back on a local community with which raids can be played together. This always leads to problems because some players cannot secure the monsters and sometimes get nothing.


This is also the case for the reddit user ighorlobianco, who openly addresses this problem in his post and wishes for a function that allows playing alone (via

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He writes: “Would you do more raids if you could do them alone but with fewer rewards? I see so many raids that I can’t do them for lack of people/community. If it was possible to play solo and only get… 10% of the reward, I would give Niantic a lot more money.”


In the raid you should rely on the best attackers in Pokemon GO. In the video we show you a selection of them:

Pokemon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video


More videos


What is different in crimson and purple? Trainers can also take part in raid battles in the main games Pokemon Crimson and Crimson. Unlike in Pokemon GO, however, they have the opportunity to train their monsters accordingly and thus create a strong raid on their own.

The trainers in the main games don’t have to do without rewards, as ighorlobianco suggests for a similar feature in Pokemon GO. Such a function in Pokemon GO would also save the trainers some trouble and would also make the raids easier for single players.


What is your opinion on such a raid feature?

But we also want to know from you how you feel about a new raid feature. Would you give up some of your rewards to do hard raids alone? Vote anonymously in the poll below and tell us what you think in the comments:

How is the suggestion received in the community?

Community approval: The problems surrounding the more difficult raids not only bother ighorlobianco. Numerous other players have also been confronted with this several times and would like a corresponding solution here.


Of them, many would be willing to give up some of the rewards if they could get the Pokemon they want without having to rely on other trainers. The following statements can be found in the comments on reddit (via

  • flatmatt0: “Yes. The only rewards I really care about are the Pokemon and the various candies and Mega Energy.”
  • mdmotlitor: “I feel the same way. The Rare Candies are nice too, but I end up throwing away most of the revives and potions I get anyway.”
  • alphafirestar: “Definitely. A ‘Start Now’ option would need to be added though. Waiting for the timer on a raid I want to play alone is awful. That being said, I think the rewards could be adjusted to incentivize different things rather than just nerfing them. For example, you get more Rare Candies, Stardust, and Potions for solo raids, and more XL Rare Candies, XP, and TMs for group raids. The rewards might even change with different events.”
  • HundoHavlicek: “Yes, I would raid more. The rewards are pretty useless at this point.”

The trainers in Pokemon GO have long wanted a “Start” button. Especially with easier raids it is annoying if you have to wait several minutes for the start. It remains to be seen whether this will eventually find its way into the game.

Opposing the idea of ​​the raid feature

Trainers use alternatives: But there are also players who would not be willing to give up some of the rewards just to be able to play alone. So does the reddit user jonquil_dress, who denies his raids with the help of Poke Genie.

He writes (via “No, I would do less if the rewards were worse. Poke Genie lets me raid whenever there’s a 5* near me.”


But Campfire is also used by one or the other trainer to network with other players for raids in Pokemon GO. However, these are not always in the immediate vicinity, which is why playing together is only possible with the help of long-distance raid passes.

These were introduced as part of the corona pandemic to enable joint raids at a distance. In the meantime, however, they can only be obtained for PokéCoins in the in-game shop.

Pokemon GO: This is how Campfire works, Niantic’s new app that lets you chat with other trainers


What is Poke Genie? Poke Genie is an external app that gives you the ability to host your own raids or join other trainers’ raids. Depending on how you want to get involved there, you also need the appropriate long-distance raid passes.

In addition, such external software is generally not welcomed at Niantic and violates their terms of use, which is why you should only use this app at your own risk.

Here we show you how you can do long-distance raids with Poke Genie.


Do you also have the problem that you can’t find other players to raid with? Or do you have a solid local community with which you bring every raid boss to their knees? And would you maybe even spend money on raid passes if the raids were doable on your own? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

If you like taking part in long-distance raids, you need some PokéCoins in the game. I’ll show you how I finance Pokemon GO with Google surveys and how you can do the same.