Pokemon GO: Trainers want this mechanic in Dark Pokemon

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Tom Henry

Pokemon GO: Trainers want this mechanic in Dark Pokemon

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In Pokemon GO, one of the star mechanics is fighting against Team Rocket, especially to later capture the famous Dark Pokemon.

These Pokemon are characterized by their dark aura, but also by having enhanced features, which can be interesting for PvP. But some players would like to see a series of changes.

I’m begging you Niantic, please make a purification lock feature
by u/Some-Ostrich-4997 in TheSilphRoad

In this Reddit thread, what some trainers are asking for is that the purify option be blocked. Many people have accidentally purified a Shadow Pokemon unintentionally and it becomes really tedious.

Some users have joined the thread commenting on their mistakes, like being half asleep and wanting to increase the power of a Shadow Pokemon and inadvertently giving it a purify, for example. It would be nice, they say, if the button was in another place or if the purify option was blocked in some way.

Here you can see the active codes of Pokemon GO.

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