Pokemon GO: What are Hundos and Shundos? Easily explained

Tom Henry

If you are in the Pokemon GO community, you will probably not be able to avoid the terms “Hundo” and “Shundo”. We at MeinMMO will therefore show you what these words mean and which other abbreviations you should know in this context.

What are the terms? In recent years, various terms have been established in the Pokemon GO community, which serve as a kind of abbreviation for describing certain monsters. Two of them are “Hundo” and “Shundo”. What the words are all about and what they ultimately mean, we have summarized for you below.

These are Hundos and Shundos

The two terms “Hundo” and “Shundo” are probably the most frequently used abbreviations in Pokemon GO. While the two words could certainly pass as Pokemon names, they each describe a specific category of monster.

dogs: The abbreviation “Hundo” means Pokemon GO trainers mean all monsters that have a perfect rating. This means her IV is 100%. The term is derived from the English numeral “hundred”.

These monsters are highly sought after by most players as they are not that easy to find. The best attackers in Pokemon GO in particular achieve strong attack, endurance and defense values ​​thanks to their perfect rating, which is particularly useful in raids.

To find out whether you own one or the other dog, you can simply use the search filter “4*”.

By the way: A trainer caught 100 Hundos and explains how he found them.

shundos: Anyone who was able to discover not only a Hundo, but even a Shundo in the game can count themselves particularly lucky. Those are a little rarer. The term again includes the word root of the English word “hundred” and also indicates a monster with a perfect rating.

But of course that wasn’t all, because the “S” in front of the “Hundo” stands for the word Shiny. These are so-called dazzling Pokemon that look different from their normal form. Most of the time they are easily recognizable by a different color. A Gyarados is usually blue, and in its iridescent form it is red.

Are there other such terms?

Yes, two other terms that keep popping up on social media and in conversations with coaches are shlundo and nundo.

What is a shlundo? In addition to collecting Pokemon, Trainers can also trade monsters with each other. And it is precisely this function that is essential for securing a so-called Shlundo. However, this requires a good deal of luck, because when you swap a monster, its IV changes randomly.

Now, if you trade a shiny specimen with your trainer friend, you might be lucky enough to get another one with a perfect rating, and you would then have a Shundo. If this exchange also becomes what is known as a lucky exchange, giving you a lucky Pokemon, you end up with a Shlundo. The “L” in the word is derived from the English term “luck”.

Two coaches recently experienced such a swap and were doubly lucky. Find out exactly what happened in our article below:

Pokemon GO: 2 Trainers pull off one of the rarest lucky trades ever

What is a Nundo? The Nundo, on the other hand, is the absolute opposite of the previous descriptions, because these monsters are absolute zeros in the truest sense of the word. With an IV of 0% or a 0-star rating, they literally have nothing to offer. However, just like hundos in the game, they are incredibly rare and are therefore collected by some players.

Do you also use these terms when you talk to other Trainers about your haul? And how many Hundos, Shundos, Shlundos and Nundos have you been able to get your hands on in the game? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

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