Pokemon Has An Amazing Fan-Made MMO That Just Introduced The Johto Region

pokemon has an amazing fan made mmo that just introduced the

Tom Henry

Pokemon Has An Amazing Fan-Made MMO That Just Introduced The Johto Region

A joy for the fans of this MMO.

Pokemon Has An Amazing Fan-Made MMO That Just Introduced The Johto Region
The Johto region is one of the most classic in the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon franchise is, without a doubt, one of the most recognized within the video game sector, and it is that he not only managed to become popular within our medium, thanks especially to his first title for the classic Game Boy, but also ended up becoming part of popular culture due to the rise of his series, considered one of the best history anime. Even so, we can say that this franchise has achieved so much thanks to its community, which supports it unconditionally, even developing fan games that They have ended up falling in love and attracting thousands of usersas is the case of the MMO that we are going to talk about today.

It is possible that many of you already know him, because he is quite famous within the community, but we are talking about pokemmowhich you can play for free by downloading it from its official website, and now has added the Pokemon from the Johto regionas they have reported via Twitter.

If you are a great lover of Pokemon, and you also like MMO games, we would probably tell you that this game is a must, and it is that although it is made by fans, and not by GameFreak itself, We can assure you that it is of great quality.. This is so so that many people hold it in higher esteem than the most recent games in the saga, such as Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, although this case is the most particular, given the technical state in which it was launched on the market.

Why doesn’t Nintendo attack?

Nintendo is especially known for wanting to knock down all launches of this type, and it seems that they don’t particularly like third-party people using their IPs, even if they don’t do it for profit. Even so, this PokeMMO is still availablethis being something that we could attribute to the fact that this franchise is not owned by Nintendo as such, although we cannot say that this is a guarantee of anything.

Of course, there is the possibility that from one day to the next it will have to close due to legal issues, which is why We recommend you start enjoying it now.

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