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Pokemon has released a very special Cubone plush

pokemon has released a very special cubone plush

The Pokemon community cannot complain about all the news we have every day, and this one in particular has created a broad wave of acceptance, but also of “disappointment”. And if one of your favorite Pokemon is Cubone, you are in luck, since he is the protagonist of today’s news.

Since it has recently been released a new Cubone plush which is being a real sensation. Although the stuffed animal vIt has a negative side, and that is that it is too “realistic” as for the lore of the Pokemon, since the stuffed animal has the ability to cry.

Something that fits perfectly with the theories and the lore made by the community regarding Cubone. It’s not that the stuffed animal has the ability to cry, is that it is designed as if I were doing it in dreams. Something that of course has put all the theories flying again. Given that There are many fans who think that Cubone He has no mother, and he misses her in his dreams.

This plush brings a special touch to Cubone again, and although it has sown some controversy With its design, most fans are delighted to be able to get one, and official at that. What do you think about it?