Pokemon Infinite Fusion: These are the murkiest Miltank fusions

pokemon infinite fusion: these are the murkiest miltank fusions

Tom Henry

Pokemon Infinite Fusion: These are the murkiest Miltank fusions

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Pokemon fans have a lot of imagination, in fact we dare say they have too much. And this can sometimes lead us to see mergers and creations that can leave us in shock or by circling a single image several times. This is what has happened with Miltank, uOne of the most curious Pokemon in the universe created by Nintendo and that has the most bizarre fusions. Next we will leave you some examples of what we can find in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Miltank and Dodrio

The merger between Miltank and Dodrio is by far one of the murkiest we can find in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and it is that one of Dodrio’s heads turns fully into a Miltank udder and the combination is funny and bizarre in equal parts.

Miltank and Giratina

This fusion with one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire Nintendo universe leaves us with a smile on our faces. Although if we slowly look at each part of this design, this initial smile will gradually transform into a mixture of confusion and disgust.

Miltank and Machamp

Muscles and more muscles. With this merger combination, Miltank takes the Machamp’s physical appearance and you can imagine how the result is…

Miltank x Machamp : r/lostpause

Miltank and Dugtrio

A Dugtrio with several udders and each one of them is another Dugtrio. Without a doubt, one of the most lurid fusions that we can find in Pokemon Infinite Fusion and that is the reason for the nightmares of hundreds of players and fans of the community.

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