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Pokemon inspires Elden Ring when doing Nuzlocke challenges

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to relate somehow Elden Ring with Pokemon. In the first game there are many ways to complete the whole story, as well as in the second. The Nuzlocke challenge has been in the Elden Ring for a while, but it’s becoming much more popular now. All this has its history.

Nick Francocreator of webcomicsdecided in 2010 that the games of Pokemon I was playing were becoming too predictable and somewhat monotonous. In this way, he began to think about what he could do to add difficulty and created what is known today as ‘Nuzlocke’which means something like “a challenge in hard mode”.

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Some Nuzlocke examples have brought us real challenges. Since a Pokemon is weakened and you can never use it again, to spending the story with a certain Pokemon that makes everything much more complicated. Not using objects and an infinity of details.

A large part of these Nuzlocke rules are used in Elden Ring. Each player can make their own modifications to the challenge depending on their playstyles, for example, the streamer of twitch known as SeeFooBoo, only collect a limited number of weapons to increase the difficulty of the game.

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There are more levels of difficulty within the challenge and the limit is the imagination and inspiration of each player. You can limit classes, limit weapons, not buy weapons, never be able to run away, penalize deaths due to falls by dropping a certain weapon, set a maximum death limit and if you don’t meet them, you have to restart the game… combinations can go a long way.

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Nuzlocke challenges provide a much greater challenge than it can already provide Elden Ring. It is possible to maximize the difficulty and increase the experience for those who enjoy these challenges. This is also true in Pokemonsince it is a saga that has been enjoying a unique combination of challenges for more than a decade.

What do you think of the Nuzlocke challenges in Elden Ring and in Pokemon? Have you been able to complete any? We read you in the comments.