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Pokemon Legends: Arceus has arrived in Minecraft thanks to the incredible creation of a user

You can now explore the world of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and even do some missions within Minecraft.

Minecraft is the sandbox that is here to stay. Although its presentation is quite simple, the creation possibilities within its maps are almost endless. So it is an experience that goes beyond each time with its respective updates and the work of its players, regardless of the fact that it was basically released more than a decade ago.

In fact, Mojang’s title has arguably never gone out of style. Since it has become a gaming platform acquired by Microsoft, there are a number of experiences that add more excitement to the game. Though PS4’s entry into Microsoft’s plan could bring this first decade to a closeActually, the most interesting thing is that during all this time we have seen true construction prodigies, impressive and interactive projects that take delivery one step beyond its limits.


Pokemon has arrived in Minecraft

As we mentioned earlier, the Minecraft servers have seen the most creative builds possible; however, they have also had some builds based on other highly successful franchises. And this is the case of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which has been cast as a region with history, missions, among many other details.

The KleavorMC server features a perfect recreation of the Hisui region from Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhile it has also been in charge of adding the game’s history, collectibles, secondary missions and basically everything that makes up the Pokemon title.

To get into context -if you haven’t played Pokemon Legends: Arceus yet-, this video game belongs to the eighth generation. It was developed for Nintendo Switch and its official launch worldwide was on January 28, 2022.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is located in the Hisui region, a version of the old feudal region of Sinnoh, inspired by the Japan of the Meiji Restoration, as a prequel to the events of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Meanwhile, Arceus has a pivotal role in the narrative.

And, so that you better understand the dynamics that the also Minecraft fan has created on his server, the gameplay is as follows:

Unlike previous installments in the series, the Pokemon League was not considered for the game. In fact, this It consists of creating the First Pokedex of the region. In an open-world setting in the Wild Area – which first appeared in Sword and Shield – players will have to capture a Pokemon directly on the stage. In addition, they will have the possibility to participate in the combat once they have released the Pokemon in front of another. Fights take place through turn-based combat more or less similar to the games in the main Pokemon series.

The trailer below shows that this is much more than just a representation of Pokemon, as the server has some of the most familiar locations in the game, dialogue options, NPCS, and better yet, some Pokemon. You can see it below:

As you could see, it is the first server in the complete history of Pokemon Legends: Arceus; in the, fans will be able to explore this version of the Hisui-block region with two mods activated: “Pixelmon” and “Forge”. Even, as the modders who have achieved this feat have let us know, the server has the necessary characteristics so that you can explore the place for hours. In fact, they are designed to tell you the story in an interactive way, carry out expeditions and, of course, complete a few secondary missions.

Finally, surely you have wondered how the KleavorMC team achieved this desEsports Extrasand such interesting functions to bring to life the history of a franchise that is also important in the entertainment industry, they explain it through a post on Reddit in which they have shared the Project. In the description, the modders started with a map of the “Magma Builds” mod and later edited it to look more like Hisui. Additionally, the team required custom plugins so that players could catch Pokemon and give you rewards based on what you caught, Pokedex-style.

Until now, This version of Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Minecraft is not an official collaborationbut it is a great experience, especially if you have not played this Pokemon title.

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