Pokemon Presents Recap: Scarlet and Purple DLC, Sleep, Netflix Series, and More

The Pokemon Company has celebrated this February 27, the day of the 27th anniversary of the saga, a new Pokemon Presents. In the digital event, the DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Purplethe release date of the app Pokemon Sleepnew content for mobile games, an animated series from Netflix and other news that we summarize below.

The two-part expansion of Scarlet and purple arrives in autumn

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will have an expansion divided into two parts. The hidden treasure of Area Zero It will consist of two DLC: first, the turquoise maskarrive in autumn, while the indigo disk be available in winter 2023. The first part will take the coaches to the Noroteo region and the second to the Armbano Academy. In both places away from Paldea there will be new stories, Pokemon not available in the base games and new legendaries. you can get more information here.

The arrival of two new Pokemon has also been announced today at Scarlet and purple. These are the paradoxical forms of Suicune and Virizion, called Ondulagua and Ferroverdoravailable in the Teraincursions of Scarlet and purple respectively.

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Pokemon Sleep Resurges: Coming Out in Summer

The curious application to monitor the sleep of pokemon has resurfaced in this presentation after its announcement in 2019. Pokemon Sleep is a apps for Android and iOS that gamifies you rest. According to the rest of the players, the Snorlax from his island Paradisiaca will be accompanied throughout the next day with different species of Pokemon in different postures. The goal is to use the application regularly to unlock all poses. you can know more details here.

The accessory has also been announced Pokemon Go Plus+ compatible with Pokemon Sleep and with Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon Janitor It is a series stop motion Netflix exclusive

Netflix and The Pokemon Company have announced a collaboration to tell original stories in the world pokemon. The first of these productions is The Pokemon Janitoran animated series in stop motion which focuses on the life of Haru, the concierge at a hotel complex for the Pokemon. The production is carried out by dwarf studio (Rilakkuma and Kaoru).

Pokemon Unite exceeds 100 million downloads

Pokemon Unite, TiMi Studios’ MOBA for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS released two years ago, has already been downloaded more than 100 million times on those devices, The Pokemon Company has announced. The figure is accompanied by the announcement of a new creature, Zacian, which is released together with the event Zacianadventures in the woods. Players can use the POKEMONDAY code to get a special gift.

Pokemon Masters EX receives the Galar champions

The fighting game for Android and iOS Pokemon Masters EX receives the Galar neochampions today. Players can get the combi pairs Paul and Zapdos from Galar, Berto and Articuno from Galar, and Roxy and Moltres from Galar. Also, Lionel and Charizard are back. To commemorate three and a half years in the game, everyone who logs in can get 100 sync pairs at no cost.

Paldea Starters Arrive at Pokemon Caf ReMix

Pokemon Cafe Remixthe puzzle and management game from Genius Sonority for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, is updated this Monday adding to Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxleythe trio of initials of Scarlet and purple; one of the three can join the restaurant staff. Likewise, an event allows Greninja to be unlocked with the appearance of her Cook, and other five-star Pokemon are also added for a limited time.

There will be a deluxe set of the original TCG of pokemon

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic, a deluxe set that brings back the original set in a ready-to-play case (cards cannot be used in official competitions). It is a joint production of the company responsible for the saga together with Creatures and nendo. More details will be given soon.

The World Championship will take place in August in Japan

The 2023 Pokemon World Championships will take place in Yokohama, Japan, August 11-13. there will be competitions Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon GO and the Trading Card Game.

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