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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: an artist imagines what Tinkaton would be like if he were human

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Tinkaton is one of the most popular new Pokemon in the ninth generation and an artist has imagined what it would look like in a human form.

Tinkaton is one of the ninth generation Pokemon that has debuted in the Paldea region.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It continues to offer content for all its players, despite the fact that it has been more than two months since its launch on Nintendo Switch. At the moment, Paldea’s adventure is focusing on the 7-star teraids, which are allowing to get Pokemon as special as Greninja. However, what everyone is waiting for is that it will arrive next February to know the future of the franchise, since the DLC of the ninth generation is expected to be revealed. While we wait, the artists are demonstrating their talent and one of them has imagined a human form for Tinktaton.

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And it is that Tinkaton is one of the new Pokemon that enjoys enormous popularity among Pokemon Scarlet and Purple players, so different artists have envisioned many looks for the fairy/steel-type creature. On this occasion, the creation comes from the hand of JOHTO GANGwho wanted to share his desEsports Extrasfor imagine Tinkaton as a human girlgiving away an aspect that suits him wonderfully, as you can see below:

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Undoubtedly, a fantastic aspect and that could well be part of the cast of an RPG video game, since the desEsports Extrasadapts perfectly and, together with the great hammer that it carries, gives it a special meaning for the aforementioned genre. We will have to see what content is included in the alleged DLC, since it is most likely that there will be new paradoxical forms of the past and the future of Pokemon already known.

One of the Pokemon Scarlet and Purple leakers gives a hint of the DLC

It only remains to wait until February for Game Freak to reveal the content it is working on for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, but one of the regular leakers of the franchise, Riddler Khu, has offered a small brush of this additional content. According to Khu, the new content is great and he can’t wait for all players to see the result. of what the Japanese company is developing.

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Therefore, expectations are high when it comes to the DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Purplesomething about which we will have news in a very short time.