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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple brings back canceled Tera-Raids

pokemon scarlet and purple brings back canceled tera raids

They had to be canceled in May due to serious bugs with the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple brings back canceled Tera-Raids
One of the teraincursion screens of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The people in charge of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple have today announced new dates for the Terraids of Longfang and Ironfang previously canceled due to the problems they were causing in the game. Among other things, they caused the game to crash unexpectedly. They will be held in the middle of this same month of June, together with the Chesnuaght event which also had to be canceled


Teraids are one of the biggest novelties introduced in the ninth generation Pokemon, and consist of large multiplayer battles where several players cooperate to defeat a giant pokemon of great power that has a new teracrystallized form. This teracrystallization it confers a teratype, giving the pokemon new resistances and weaknesses against different attacks.

New dates for teraincursions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

As we can read through the portal, the new dates for the celebration of the canceled Pokemon Scarlet and Purple events will not keep us waiting too long and will come face to face at the end of next week, to take advantage of the whole weekend. Here are the final dates:

  • Terraid of Longfang (Scarlet) and Ferrodada (Purple): from June 16 to 18.
  • Chesnuaght Event: also from June 16 to 18.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple wasn’t the most well-received installment in the series due to its launch glitches, but it’s certainly one of the most transgressive deliveries of the main series, due to this new commitment to open world and cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

As for narrative, there could also be some other surprise regarding the timeline of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. We will see what other novelties The Pokemon Company has prepared for this and other Pokemon games that may hit stores in the coming months or years.

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