Pokemon Scarlet and Purple confirm new Tera-raid event focused on Rillaboom

Tom Henry

pokemon scarlet and purple confirm new tera raid event focused on

It seems that tonight we have received information about the upcoming events of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Here we bring you all the details you should know about the news about Teraincursions.

This time, the information focuses on the new Teraincursiones event that stars it. rillaboom. These are the details:

  • This event will feature a battle against a Normal Teratype Rillaboom and special mark in Teraraids 7 stars
  • Can only be captured once per saved file.
  • This event will take place from 00:00 UTC on July 28 to 23:59 UTC on July 30 and will be repeated on August 4-6.

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