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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC could take advantage of a missed opportunity in the base game

This theory is directly related to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Most of the plot of the final story of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple focuses on a specific area of ​​the map, this is the Area Zero, a barely explored place where rare Pokemon like Paradox forms inhabit.

By having two versions of the same title, Scarlet and Purple, with the Pokemon’s forms centered on the past and the future respectively, fans They may have thought that the habitat of these Pokemon, Area Zero, could vary, being adapted to their characteristics. But to his surprise, Area Zero was exactly the same in both titles, and the only thing that changed were the Pokemon that lived there.


This fact can be changed for the better for the Turquoise Mask and Indigo Disc DLCswhich are clearly influenced by a traditional and futuristic style respectively. Considering this fact it can be an opportunity to really differentiate both styles. These DLC are scheduled for autumn and winter of this year, so we will have to wait to know all the details.

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