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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC will add more than 230 creatures

The Pokemon Company and the developer Game Freak have presented during the celebration of Pokemon Presents the expansion pack that arrive this year to Pokemon Scarlet and Purplewhich has been dubbed The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and will be released in two parts: the turquoise maskwhich will arrive in autumn, and the indigo disk, which will be available in winter. Through a press release, both companies have revealed that trainers can expect more than 230 Pokemon already known in the different areas of the DLC and that did not appear in the base game.

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“In the turquoise maskthe players will be chosen among the students of the academy to participate in a school excursion that takes place every year and is done together with another school. They will visit the region of Noroteo, located at the foot of a huge mountain where its inhabitants live. It is a place of calm plains, with rice fields and apple orchards. The excursion coincides with a festival that is held annually at this station, so the town is full of vendors and stalls,” reads the description.

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In these expansions we can find new legendary Pokemon: ogerpon in the turquoise mask and Therapagos in the indigo disk. In The Turquoise Mask, we will also meet three Pokemon called Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti. They are very loved Pokemon by the inhabitants of Noroteo and are considered the heroes who protected the region. To show their appreciation, statues were made in the image of the three.

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Bonuses for purchasing the expansion pass

Those who acquire The hidden treasure of Area Zero before October 31, 2023 receive a code through which they can obtain a special gift: a Hisui’s Zoroark with three peculiarities. This Pokemon knows the move Extra Pay, which it cannot learn in the normal course of the game, in addition to Terablast, Suppressed Spite, and Scheming. He has the Charisma Crest and is a Dark teratype. The gift code will be valid until February 29, 2024.