Pokemon Scarlet and Purple may have leaked the number of new Pokemon from the DLCs

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pokemon scarlet and purple may have leaked the number of

A new Pokemon Scarlet and Purple leak may have revealed the number of new Pokemon that will be included via the Gen 9 DLCs.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple may have leaked the number of new Pokemon from the DLCs

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is one of the most successful generations of the entire franchise developed by Game Freak and it is not for less, after opening as the seventh best-selling game in the history of Nintendo Switch, pending new data. Everything indicates that this will be the last big installment before the arrival of Nintendo Switch 2 and even the first details of the next project are already leaking. However, it still remains to close the ninth generation with the DLCs that will land in autumn and winter and you could already know a key fact: the number of new Pokemon to be included.

The leak comes from the 4chan forums, which is little more than a sideshow shotgun, but one of the best-known leakers in the Nintendo environment, Pyoro, it has echoed, so it gives you a little more fidelity. According to this new post it is pointed out that Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLCs will include a total of 15 new Pokemon, of which we would already know 12 of them, so there would be no great news in this regard. At the moment it seems that the alleged leaker is focused solely on The Turquoise Mask, since in relation to The Indigo Disc it does not mention anything related to new Pokemon.

Among other details that appear in the post, it also ensures that there will be a new bird Pokemon and a new bug Pokemon that will be regional, as part of the DLC. On the other hand, it seems that there will be a species that will receive a special treatmentjust as it happened as the Ash’s Greninja. Obviously, all this has to be taken as a mere rumor until Game Freak offers news about it.

The types of the new legendary Pokemon could have also been leaked

Of the new Pokemon that will be included in the DLCs of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple stand out the new legendaries that have already been officially revealedbut its unknown guys for now. However, this alleged leak also indicates this detail, so they would be the following:

  • ogrepon would be type pure plant
  • okidogi would be type poison/fairy
  • Pheasants would be type poison/psychic
  • Monkidori would be type poison/ghost

for now we continue no date for the arrival of The Turquoise Maskwhich will land in autumn, in the same way as there are no details about The Indigo Disc either., which will do the same in winter. It is expected that in the coming weeks news can arrive in this regard to close the ninth generation of Pokemon.

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