Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Original Art Reveals Game Freak’s Initial Plans

pokemon scarlet and purple original art reveals game freak's initial

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Original Art Reveals Game Freak’s Initial Plans

The games of the ninth generation were going to be different from what we know today.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Original Art Reveals Game Freak's Initial Plans
The main artwork of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has the Legendaries and starters of the ninth generation.

The ninth generation is one of the largest at the level of number of Pokemon available in your Pokedexthus giving rise to the fact that today it is only being surpassed by the first, third and fifth in terms of the number of introduced species, and this is also something that It doesn’t seem like it’s going to stopsince with the arrival of future DLCs it is being possible to see that new species and evolutions are being added to Paldea.

In this sense, we have already been able to see that new Pokemon continue to be shown beyond the Legendaries that expand the Paldea Pokedex, thus giving rise to the most recent addition to the franchise being Poltchageist, a Plant / Ghost Pokemon that He has even had his own story.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple was originally going to have a more realistic world

However, in this case it is time to talk more about the past and not so much about the future, since during a panel at the CEDEC awards in Japan it was possible to see how Game Freak has revealed details of the start of development of Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleso that a conceptual art of the idea that was in mind with these titles has been shown, thus revealing the great differences that exist between the final product and the one that was initially in mind.

This has been reported on Twitter by Joe Merrick, editor-in-chief of Serebii, the largest Pokemon medium in the West, and he has commented that the initial idea was to have a more real and deformed world compared to those seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield, being the Pokemon and characters the ones that would be more stylized. You can take a look below:

Having said all of the above, it only remains to remember that today we are waiting for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple receive both parts of their expansion passsince we already know that The Turquoise Mask will be released on September 13 while The Indigo Disc will arrive sometime in winter 2023.

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