Pokemon Sleep: Update 1.0.6 content and gifts

pokemon sleep: update 1.0.6 content and gifts

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Pokemon Sleep: Update 1.0.6 content and gifts

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The game that allows measure our sleeping habits and capture creatures, Pokemon Sleep, has received a new update with multiple improvements and the fabulous news of reporting 10 million downloads. Small details like applying a night mode to the loading screen ease the eyes. For their part, the graphic quality options increase to save battery and optimize the performance of the devices. We hope that the application is faster and faster, because it is one of its few shortcomings.

game content

• Implement the ‘Day of the Sleepyheads’ event starting on Wednesday, August 30th.
• Adjust the requirements to meet the bedtime by starting the sleep recording up to 90 minutes before or 30 minutes after the agreed time.
• Implement night mode on the loading screen. At night, the screen will change to a dark gray background instead of white.
• Expand the graphic quality configuration options to four levels (it can be adjusted more precisely to optimize performance and battery consumption).
• Adjust the study group so that the user returns to the same spot on the study group screen after reviewing a friend’s report.
• Reduce the amount of data downloaded when registering as a new user. The music data of the second and subsequent zones will be downloaded the first time that zone is visited.
• Add a function that notifies the user on the main screen that the effects of the Camping Coupon have ended.

sleep log

• Make adjustments so that the sleep study can be carried out even if the recording could not be completed due to data corruption.
• Fix a bug that causes excessively low sleep duration values ​​if the deep sleep phase is not detected during a log.
• Optimize battery consumption during sleep recording.

Mistakes to fix

• Possibility of using three Extra Cookies for two days in some cases after entering sleep data manually.
• Inability to organize teams on some devices.
• Appearance of notifications from the News section in the main menu when there is news for other languages.
• Slowdown and force closing of the app on some devices when accessing the study group screen.
• Difficulty giving cookies to Pokemon with the friendship point bar overlapping with other Pokemon during snack time.
• Graph of the sleep schedule in the dark weekly summary in some cases.
• Occasional error displaying the dates in the list of dream points obtained in the dream pass.
• Shorter average daily sleep in the statistics screen when recording days with two sleep entries.
• Inability to accept a friend request due to the Friend limit reached window appearing after removing a friend from the list after reaching the maximum of 50 friends.
• Amount of energy recovered without updating on some screens after using an EnergyPillow from the bag.
• Values ​​over 100 not updated in the popup window when a Pokemon’s energy exceeds 100 after using an Energy Pillow.
• Application crash when trying to switch screens just before showing Snorlax eating.
• Very slow transition when going to the data screen of a Pokemon when there are many Pokemon in the Pokemon Box.
• Daily sleep report popup window overlaps with the main menu when entering sleep data manually.
• App crash when improving Snorlax rating while trying to access the sleep log screen.
• Using more than one Secondary Ability Seed simultaneously only spends one (UI changes so only one can be used at a time).
• Error when sorting Pokemon by sleep type in the Pokemon list when using items.
• Blocking of the application in very specific cases after showing the animation of an evolution.
• App crash when touching a Pokemon right after finishing the Professor’s Mega Cookies tutorial.
• App crash when holding a Pokemon tile on the Team Up screen to view its details and then tapping another tile before displaying the screen.
• Display error when pressing the Auto Cook and Choose Recipe buttons at the same time.
• Forced closing of the application on some devices when trying to pair an Android device with Pokemon GO Plus + and activate the Bluetooth connection.

pokemon sleep update gifts

Gifts to celebrate 10 million downloads

To celebrate this great achievement of the Select Button game, users of Pokemon Sleep You will be able to claim these gifts from 2023/8/25 00:00 to 2023/9/22 00:00.

• Dream Points ×1000
• Camping Coupon ×1
• Coupon Ingredients S ×3
• Poke Cookie ×5

Notes: Once the distribution period has started, you will be able to receive the gifts by accessing the main menu from the main screen and touching the gift box at the top right of the screen.

He Camping Coupon is a special item that allows you to rent a Camping Lot for seven days, useful for studying sleep and raising Snorlax.
An additional Pokemon will be added to your sleep study and will be hungry during snack time. If you give a hungry Pokemon a cookie, the number of friendship points you get will be multiplied by three.

When the Camping Coupon is active it also enlarges the pot by 50% and speeds up the help you receive from your helper Pokemon, among other effects. You can use Ingredient Coupons to get various ingredients that will help you raise a healthy and strong Snorlax.

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