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Pokemon Sword and Shield will stop receiving online content

Months ago, all eyes in the Pokemon world were directed at the palea region. There is little more than a month left for the arrival of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on our Nintendo Switch, and unfortunately, that in turn means that the Galar region will end up falling into oblivion little by little. Pokemon Sword and Shield they have not stopped receiving updates with temporary events since their launch in November 2019… But that it will stop happening Coming Soon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield say goodbye to online updates

As usual, the first to break the news regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield have been the colleagues at, the reference website for the world of pocket monsters. According to the medium, the online features of the eighth generation they will be giving their last blows of life over the next few weeks:

  • The Wilderness News will receive a final update next Tuesday, November 1, adding Pokemon that were not normally available, such as the Esports Extrasntamax Snorlax. After that, there will be no more Wild Area updates.
  • The combat stadium you will not receive updates with ranked seasons after November 1. Competitive Battle Season results will not appear in Pokemon Home, and there will be no more online competitions. Friendly competitions will still be playable, but as of December 1, they will no longer be displayed in Pokemon Home.
  • The Y connection and other online features will continue to be accessible.

So, the Pokemon world prepares for leave your current stage behind and enter, with all of the law, in the ninth generation that is about to begin. It’s always a shame to leave certain aspects of a game behind, but unfortunately, this is the paradigm of online gaming. And you do you think? Still hunting for Esports Extrasntamax builds or competing in the Battle Arena? Will you miss these aspects of the title, or will you have enough with what the new generation brings?

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