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Pokemon TCG: Big New Card Draw in England

pokemon tcg: big new card draw in england

Pokemon TCG is back in the news, sadly due to a new robbery produced in a store in England.

Rattle Pokemon has ensured that two thieves broke into a store in Manchester (England) on May 17, 2023 and they were recorded by the surveillance camera while they robbed a box of about 4000 Pokemon cards. This batch of letters is reportedly valued at around £20,000 sterling.


The store owner quickly called the police. Likewise, the owner himself made a post on the store’s Facebook page, giving the thieves an ultimatum to return the stolen letters in less than seven days.

No specific details of the stolen letters have been released.the owner is compiling a list of these, in order to make an exact calculation of the value of what was stolen.

As we said, This robbery is another of the many hundreds of robberies that have been taking place in recent months around the world and that its main objective is Pokemon cards. Luckily most cases end with the arrest of the thieves.


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