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Pokemon TCG Live will officially launch in June

pokemon tcg live will officially launch in june

The new version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game or Pokemon TCG Live It has been in the global beta stage for a few months for mobiles, PC and Mac. The application will replace Pokemon TCG Online as the digital card game on the different platforms mentioned. Pokemon TCG Live will not be available on Nintendo Switch, only on iOS / Android devices, PC and Mac on June 8.

Pokemon TCG Live was announced in September 2021 and in Latin America it bears the name TCG Pokemon Live, as well as an option in Latin Spanish. The Pokemon Company will celebrate the official launch of the new game with the expansion Paleo Evolved from the same June 8 in TCG Live. Those who enter between May 2 and June 6 will receive special accessories and cosmetics.


The application Pokemon TCG Online will be removed from mobiles and PCs on June 5 at 11:00 am Colombia time. However, users can use the same Pokemon Trainer Club account to log in and migrate their data. All the information about it through this link.

In Pokemon TCG Live there is definitely a visual evolution in keeping with the modern and increasingly valuable Pokemon cards. The gameplay has also evolved and the addictive simplicity of Pokemon Trading Card Game it just remains a part of the Game Boy and Virtual Console. That title will be coming soon. to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog, an excellent option for those who prefer the classic.