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Pokemon Teal Mask / Indigo Disk: the mythology behind the new DLC

As expected, during the February Pokemon Presents The Pokemon Company announced the DLC of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. We know that the final or third versions are a thing of the past, even the sequels with double versions. From Pokemon Sword/ShieldGame Freak focuses on downloadable content or ‘Expansion Pass’ for its core RPGs. The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk are the DLC that correspond to the ninth generation of Pokemon and behind them is mythology.

The choice is somewhat strange, considering that the Paldea region is inspired by USA. However, the Pokemon world works in mysterious ways and instead of opting for the Mediterranean Sea or the Strait of Gibraltar, we have momotaro and Time Bokan. What is that and what does it have to do with Pokemon? It is what we will review thanks to the announcement of the expansion The hidden treasure of Area Zero for Scarlet/Violet.


the turquoise mask

Let’s first look at three of the new Pokemon we’ll meet in Kitakami from the DLC. The Teal Maska trio of Pokemon that protected the region in the past.




Paldea’s legendary Pokemon—Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu—have Chinese influences. this trio, Okidogi, Munkidori and fezandipitikeeps remembrance in Japanese folklore with the traditional tale of momotaro.

What is momotaro?

One of the most popular tales in Japan is momotaro, whose name comes from ‘momo’ (peach) and ‘taro’ (firstborn). He is also known as the peach boy. It is said that an old couple, who could not have children, one day found a giant peach floating in the river. Inside it there was a child, whom they decided to adopt and baptize as Momotaro.

When Momotaro grows up, he becomes a local hero, recovering a treasure that was on Onigashima, the island of the Onis (ogres or demons). On his journey he meets a pheasant, a dog and a monkey, who join his odyssey in exchange for a portion of his rations.

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On the island, Momotaro and his new animal friends enter the Onis’ stronghold and defeat them. They then return home with the captive demon boss and are cheered by the locals.

Pokemon + momotaro

The similarities with the DLC of the turquoise mask either The Teal Mask they are clear. The player would take the role of the peach boy. On his trip to Kitakami, he meets the Pokemon Okidogi (dog), Munkidori (monkey) and Fezandipiti (pheasant). These are considered heroes on the island, who protected it in the past. Very reminiscent of the Momotaro story. All three Pokemon have statues erected as a way of thanking them.

Do you remember the Oni chief mentioned in the tale? Well, there is a new Pokemon that meets these characteristics, its name is ogerpon.



Ogerpon is the holder of the turquoise mask that gives its name to the first DLC. An “Oni Pokemon”, you could say. Perhaps it is the same one that Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti beat in a bygone era. His return would mean defeating him again and this time capturing him, of course. We will wait for more details about what we can do in Kitakami and the background of these four Pokemon.

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Time Bokanthe time Machine

The comparisons don’t stop with momotaro. The designs of Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti bear an inevitable resemblance to the Doronbo band of Yatterman. These villains in turn were the inspiration for Team Rocket.. Yatterman It’s a spin-off of Time Bokanalso known as The time Machine. The original ‘anime’ is from 1977 and in 2008 it had a new version. The pokemon in The Teal Maskhowever, they are not part of a villainous group.

Pokemon Teal Indigo DLC
Tonzura, Doronjo and Boyacky.

The resemblance is purely aesthetic, but it can be seen in addition to its relationship with momotaro. Okidogi wears the colors of Boyacky and Munkidori those of Tonzura. Fezandipiti keeps Doronjo’s style on her head as a mask, the blonde locks and wings as a cape. It is probable that to find this list of Pokemon we must travel different routes. However, we still don’t have a clue to Kitakami’s extent.

Pokemon Teal Indigo DLC
The Teal Mask / The Indigo Disk are the DLCs of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.

the indigo disc

From the second DLC, The Indigo Disk, we only know of one legendary Pokemon that carries the weight of the entire Paldea. Not so figuratively.

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Therapagos is the legendary pokemon in part 2 of The hidden treasure of Area Zero. His inspiration is further removed from USA, as the name comes from the teracrystallization phenomenon and the Galapagos Islands. These islands in the Pacific Ocean are owned by Ecuador and are known for their giant tortoises. In game equivalence, technically they would be a long way from Paldea. But you know, mysteries of the Pokemon world.

The shape of the Terapagos tortoise is practically the same as that of the Paldea region. Area Zero sits right in the central biome, and each elemental section represents one of Paldea’s 18 Pokemon types and emblems.

Pokemon Teal Indigo DLC
The Teal Mask / The Indigo Disk are the DLCs of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.

As an exchange student, players will visit the Blueberry Academy. It is possible that this explains a considerable distance from Paldea. This is a recent and modern school, whose facilities are located under the ocean and the classes have an emphasis on Pokemon battles. It is a very different academic life from Paldea’s. we don’t believe that the indigo disc (or indigo) is related to the Indigo (or indigo) Plateau of the Kanto region.

Are we approaching a new Pokemon region inspired by South America? Latinos can dream, as well as read Latin American USAin the future games of Pokemon.

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