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Pokemon: This adorable fan-art imagines a human form of Pichu

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Once again, a curious fan-art related to one of the most beloved franchises by nintenderos arrives. We are talking in this case about Pokemon.

Pikachu is one of the most iconic and well-known Pokemon in the franchise since its arrival in the first generation, so the amount of fan-art around it and its evolutionary line is much higher compared to other species. In this case, Reddit user endifi has shown what Pichu could look likethe pre-evolution of the Electric-type Pokemon, if I had a human form.


It is not the first time that fan-arts of this style are shared by the players of the franchise, having obtained a fantastic result in this case. In the picture you can see a human inspired by a little girl, which makes sense considering that Pichu is a baby Pokemon. This has a headband characterized by having the ears of the Pokemon as well as a dress of colors similar to those of its body.

You can see the complete post with all the images shared by the user at this link. Here you can see it:

172 Pichu [OC]
by u/endifi in pokemon

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