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Pokemon: This Valentine’s Bulbasaur is the best thing you’ll see today

Bulbasaur has arrived in a romantic version thanks to this Pokemon fan.

bulbasaur from pokemon

Pokemon is such a huge franchise that the reach it has with its audience is massive; So, it is not surprising that its fans are always closely following the company’s news and, what is better, crafting their own homages to the iconic creatures that we’ve all seen at least once (even if we’re not fans of the game or the animation).


Judging by the number of pocket monsters, it stands to reason that some of them would become fan community favorites for different reasons. Whether it’s his utility, his strength, or his general characteristics that make him a great candidate for battle… and even if they’re adorable. And, well, who could deny that Pokemon designs are quite peculiar and beautiful.

Bulbasaur, one of the favorites arrives at a very romantic time

Fan arts, fusions or mixtures derived from the original design, statuettes and all kinds of tributes by fans have recognized the popularity and success of Bulbasaur for a long time. But the reality is that they are so creative and amazing that several of the fans would like them to be part of the franchise officially… although unfortunately this is unlikely to happen. However, in the meantime we can enjoy some of the most interesting work on Internet forums, such as Reddit, which accumulates thousands of creations of hundreds of characters, settings and other elements of the world of entertainment.

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So far it should be noted that among the best-known Pokemon in the franchise we have Pikachu in the first place -who also became the official mascot and the image of the company-; later, the starters Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur had their respective impact since the beginnings of Pokemon; and lastly, Charizard, Gardevoir, Sylveon, Gengar have also had their own place in later titles. So it should be noted that each one, at different times, became an icon for the community (both players and viewers of the animated series).


The starter Pokemon Bulbasaur has been the subject of different creations

Regarding the franchise principle, Bulbasaur has left a legacy in the franchise as it was one of the three starter Pokemon in the series for over two decades. This monster is a grass/poison type that, in conjunction with Squirtle and Charmander, became a hit after its original release in Pokemon Red and Blue. In fact, it could be said that the nostalgia that this pocket monster represents has inspired many fans to continue recreating its image in different ways.

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On the eve of the month of love and friendship, a Pokemon fan undertook the task of creating a pink Bulbasaur figurine to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This fan uploaded his work to his Reddit account and decided to share it with other users. Known as Excellent_Echidna_95, he is the author of the cute figure.


Interestingly, Bulbasaur has a pink color to its skin, instead of the greenish tint with which it is identified, plus a rose on its back replaces the bulb. In addition, he has a heart on his forehead, replacing the dark green spot between his eyes. To do so, the user explains that had to 3d print it to later paint it by hand. The result is quite beautiful and below you can see this cute creation:


Original Posting of the Commemorative Bulbasaur


Most netizens agree that this commemorative desEsports Extrasgives you a very adorable image to the initial Pokemon. Furthermore, they explain that it could be a good choice for a regional variant (although its typing would have to stick more to Grass/Fairy). Others, for their part, commented that it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for their partners who are also fans of the series and that, very surely, they would take up the idea for their own gifts in the future.

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It’s also not the first time that Excellent_Echidna_95 has printed other Pokemon. actually has a collection that is based on other festivities equally important to popular culture, such as halloween. For example, she printed a creepy Charmander. She even has her own versions of the legendary birds, who are just hatching from their eggs, and other variants for the three starter Pokemon, changing only their type to give it a special touch.