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Pokemon Unite: these were the most used Pokemon in the game during 2022

Discussing which are the best characters in a competitive game can be an interesting and even fun exercise, but it can also become an unnecessary fight. Everyone has their own opinion on the best and worst tier, but only the developers really know what the most used characters in a game are. Sometimes they share that data with us, like Timi Studios, which revealed which were the most used Pokemon in Pokemon Unite during 2022.

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According to them, these were the most popular Pokemon in the MOBA last year.

  1. Pikachu – used 129,186,809 times
  2. greninja – used 103,402,378 times
  3. Charizard – used 101,925,049 times

These data were taken between January 1 and December 22, 2022.

These numbers are interesting because they reveal that the most used Pokemon in the game are not necessarily the ones that “experts” consider to be the “best” or belonging to the highest tier.

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It is true that there are so many ‘tier list’ of Pokemon Unite as players, but there are some characters widely considered better than others, like Lucario and Absol. But neither of them was in the top 3 of the most used last year. Greninja is considered by many to be the best attacker in the game and Pikachu is also usually ranked at high levels, but not Charizard.

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This shows that players don’t necessarily play according to the “meta” and prefer to choose characters they like. Pikachu, Greninja and Charizard are not only the most used characters in Pokemon Unite in 2022, but the ones that usually top the popularity charts of fans of Pokemonincluding those who do not play video games.

Speaking of Pokemon Unitewe are currently waiting for the releases of comfey Y zacian.


Font: Official Pokemon Unite Twitter account