Pokemon World Championship 2023: winners and news about Pokemon games

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Pokemon World Championship 2023: winners and news about Pokemon games

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The 2023 Pokemon World Championships, organized by The Pokemon Company International, concluded after three days of intense matches and competitions in Yokohama, Japan. The best trainers in the world attended this annual event to participate in the most important video game tournament Pokemon and the Trading Card Game Pokemon. Video games were used at this year’s event Pokemon Scarlet/Violetas well as Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite.

More than 10,000 players and fans from around the world gathered at the Pacific Yokohama Convention Center for the event Pokemon most prestigious in the world. This was not without controversy, as some Professional players were disqualified after discovering they were cheating using ‘hacked’ Pokemon. According to various participating sources, this is a common practice in tournaments, but the reality is that it stains what should be a skills competition.

Below is the list of winners in the four games of the 2023 Pokemon World Championships.

Winners Pokemon VGC (Scarlet/Violet)

*Photo at the head of the note.

Masters Division, Champion: Shōhei Kimura

Masters Divisionrunner-up: Michael Kelsch

Senior Division, Champion: Tomoya Ogawa

Senior Divisionrunner-up: Robbie Schaaij

Junior Division, Champion: Sora Ebisawa

Junior Divisionrunner-up: Kohei Ukai

Winners Pokemon GTC

Pokemon World Cup 2023 winners
Winners of Pokemon TCG at the 2023 Pokemon World Championships.

Masters Division, Champion: Vance Kelly

Masters Divisionrunner-up: Tord Reklev

Senior Division, Champion: Gabriel Fernandez

Senior Divisionrunner-up: Sydney de Bruijn

Junior Division, Champion: Shao Tong Yen

Junior Divisionrunner-up: Gabriel Borges Torres

Winners Pokemon GO

Pokemon World Cup 2023 winners

Champion: ItsAXN


Winners Pokemon Unite

Pokemon World Cup 2023 winners

Champion: Luminosity

Team Members: Elo, Overlord, Kyriaos, Slash, Rhinne

runner-up: OMO Abyssinian

Team Members: Luisss, Tempezt, Shua, Jrabsent, Miva

News in TCG, Pokemon Scarlet/Violet and Pokemon Unite

Very soon the Pokemon of the Past and the Future will arrive, as well as cards of Tactical Aceto the Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Company also announced new cards and mechanics for the TCG. Pokemon. Starting in Q3 2023, Trainers will be able to play Pokemon from the past and future, including Thundermoon ex, Iron Paladin ex, and rare art versions of Mushroom Fury and Iron Moth. Also, letters from Tactical Acewho first appeared in the series black and whitethey will return to the standard format in 2024.

Starter Pokemon from previous titles appear in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – Part 2: The Indigo Disk

The second part of the DLC of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet It’s a nostalgia trip. In the Biodome of the Arándano Academy, the place where the story of the indigo disc, you will be able to find the initial Pokemon that appeared in all the previous games of the main saga. The Biodome is an enclosure that houses a series of different biomes, from tropics to frozen seas, in which many different Pokemon live, each in the ecosystem that best suits its characteristics.

Players will be able to face them to try to add them to their team and discover what they look like when they teracrystallize, a phenomenon already known to those who have played Pokemon Scarlet /Violet. A nineteenth teratype and future connectivity with Pokemon Home.

News from Pokemon Unite

Three more Pokemon are scheduled to join the roster of Pokemon Unite: Blaziken, Mimikyu and Meowscarada. Blaziken is scheduled to join the fight on September 14. The debuts of the other two Pokemon in Æos will be revealed later.

Pokemon: Path to the Top

The Pokemon Company International released a new animated series titled Pokemon: Path to the Top at the 2023 Pokemon World Championships. This series follows in the footsteps of Ava and her partner Pokemon Oddish, as they battle to rise to the top of the competitive world in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You can watch the first episode of this promising web series right here.

Hello Pokemon!

During the closing ceremony, it was also revealed where the 2024 Pokemon World Championship will take place. Trainers from all over the world will be able to enjoy the next World Championship in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the devastating wildfires in Hawaii”said Colin Palmer, Vice President of Premier Events at The Pokemon Company International. “Our priority is to help affected children, families and communities. To support relief efforts, The Pokemon Company International made an immediate monetary donation of $200,000 USD to its GlobalGiving partners through the Hawaii Wildfire Relief Fund.”

To learn more about GlobalGiving’s local relief efforts and to join their support, visit GlobalGiving.org/Pokemon.

In addition, The Pokemon Company International will also match employee donations dedicated to Hawaii wildfire relief efforts.

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