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Poker, the most popular card game in online casinos

poker, the most popular card game in online casinos

Poker is a card game that has an uncertain origin; Several records have been found in different parts of the world, such as in the United States in the 19th century where the crews of steamboats that navigated the Mississippi River met to play.

However, other records indicate that its origin comes from an ancient Persian game called “As-Nas”, which was played with 25 cards and had 5 different suits. Another strong similarity with poker is that 4 cards with the same number are required to win.


Some researchers claim that its origin is in the French game, “Poque”, because players start with three cards and place bets based on what they had in their hand.

The records remain somewhat unclear, but what is clear is that poker gained notoriety and became the favorite pastime of hundreds of people around the world today.

Transition to the digital era

Since its beginnings, poker used to be played in person around a table and several players, now, and thanks to technological advances, it is possible to play it from the comfort of our home or office.


People who play aviator for free are also fans of this table game, and they go to online betting sites to enjoy playing poker against other players.

Deck of cards

The poker deck is made up of 52 cards, which are divided into 4 suits, spade, hearts, clubs, diamonds and two jokers. Each suit has 13 cards, and among them are the Ace, the Jack and the Kings.


Like other casino games, poker also has its own variants, among them the most popular, according to the player community, are:


● Seven card stud

● 5 Cards draw



● Texas Hold’em

● Video poker

● Caribbean poker


A fundamental paper

Although the game gradually gained popularity, technology has played a fundamental role in recent years allowing it to reach more people in all corners of the globe.

Thanks to technology, the game is played almost all over the world, and it is also present in almost all online casinos and with different variants that make it an even more interesting game.

Popular culture

Currently, the game has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, even playing poker can be a profession. In popular culture it has also had a very important role as a narrative element, it has even made an appearance in different films and television series.


It has also appeared in different video games, as well as in the first computer games for Windows in the 90s, and has also had a certain role in different songs of various musical genres by renowned artists in the music industry.

An old but very popular game

There is no doubt that poker has a somewhat diffuse, but interesting history. Its presentation and game modes have changed over the years, and now it is considered one of the most popular board games. Every day more fans appear who want to practice it.