Popup window in Windows 11 to stop using Chrome

popup window in windows 11 to stop using chrome

Tom Henry

Popup window in Windows 11 to stop using Chrome

Users with the system Windows 11 have come to think that your computer had been infected by malware due to a pop-up window. At the moment of truth, it was a Microsoft strategy so that its users abandon the use of the Google Chrome browser in favor of Edge. Specifically, users were experiencing as a big popup window appeared inviting them to change the search engine from Chrome to Microsoft Bing.

The fact that it looks like malware is that it cannot be considered a normal notification either. Its great size, overlapping any other content, while the notification center did not indicate anything. Basically, this notification arrives via a Microsoft-signed executable hidden in c:\windows\temp\mubstemp.

Such are the complaints, Microsoft has “paused” the pop-up in Windows 11

Microsoft Bing popup advertising in Windows 11

Better late than never, because after numerous complaints, Microsoft has been forced to cancel This aggressive, and doubtful form, to advertise. Until then, Microsoft believed that it was a good idea to promote its own products, against those of the competition, by showing a huge pop-up window to Windows 11 users. This is not common, so it is obvious that when this window pops up for the first time time, users worry about the security of your system.

Interestingly, this problem started happening 3 months ago. So we understand that this popup window has been appearing gradually. And, obviously, in those systems where users give priority to the use of Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge. The worst of all is that this dubious advertising method is legal. And of course, he will be covered by that endless License agreement that no one reads

In this way, the user has consented to Microsoft having the power to analyze the use that is being given to your PC. After this, Microsoft may show you a pop-up window that offers you a product of your own with which to replace the competition.

“We are aware of these reports and have put this notification on hold while we investigate and take appropriate action to address this inadvertent behavior,” Caitlin Roulston, director of communications, says in a statement to The Verge.

It is not the first time that Microsoft resorts to aggressive advertising to encourage the use of Edge

Microsoft Bing popup advertising

Microsoft has been using a variety of notices for years. Specifically, with a popup that appears inside Chrome, on the Windows taskbar, and in other places. microsoft even has forced people to use Edge after a Windows update. And, it regularly presents a full screen message to move to Bing and Edge after upgrading your device through Windows Update.

One could argue that this is Microsoft’s operating system, or that when using Microsoft’s browser and search engine, it’s within its rights to try to turn people away from Chrome. After all, Google displays similar notifications on its web pages to get people to use Chrome. Not to mention the annoying spam so that you pay for the YouTube Premium subscription. But in this case, Microsoft’s behavior in this case goes further a simple notice on a web page.

The user should not have to reject a popup that appears overlay to their applications, series or games. Not to mention the exhausting attempts to change our software after an update.

windows is not free, so the user’s right should be respected, since they are paying for Windows. The user does not want to pay and on top of that they are shown advertising as if it were Netflix. Will have to wait to see What will Microsoft’s next move be? after stopping this way of promoting Edge.

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