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Possessed Children, Pentagrams, and Cthulhu: How World of Warcraft’s Best Horror Story Was Born From an Innocent Prank

When we think of eternal games, it is impossible not to think of World of Warcraft. Yes, Blizzard’s MMO has it “easy” because it plays in the massively multiplayer league, even more so in the lofty group of those games from the 2000s, but its legacy and importance in video games go beyond being an old game . The good thing about MMOs is the stories that are created there beyond the game’s own narrative. It’s something that has always “crazy” me about a genre that has been elusive to me, and what better for this Saturday morning than highlighting a story of terror, bewilderment and perfect for the month of Halloween, although with a funny ending: the children of cursed goldshireor Villadorada.

Villadorada, place of green pastures and satanic pentagrams

The importance of this urban legend is mainly due to its location. Villadorada is a village near Vertormenta, capital of the human kingdom, so many novice players who once stepped foot in the MMO have come across these children. On the surface, they’re just NPCs roaming the map, but when something goes off the rails, the community dives right in to investigate.

We talk about Cameron, John, José, Lisa, Dana Y Aaron6 apparently normal children who move in an apparently normal time pentagram formation. People like what’s scary or unknown, so this line-up didn’t go unnoticed. We can actually think that it is some kind of bug and we would not be misguided either. After all, they always maintain this style when walking and it seems that the AI ​​parameters are so “crazy” that they constantly change the order. Still, there is some parity in their actions. Cameron always stays in the middle, while the rest of the children rotate around him.

Normal or acceptable ends when they arrive at a house northeast of Goldshire. There, at 7:40 in the morning, every day, without rest, the children go up to the second floor. Static and forming the same pentagram, they mention C’Thun, and here things go from brown to dark. Yes, there are certain parameters that an AI bugged could execute without much complication. Check out Cyberpunk 2077. Even with fixes and patches, the AI ​​misreads certain animations and mistakenly “T-poses” at certain times. But,mention an ancient god lovecraftian? Big words.

Coincidences? Many, but it gave bad vibes

As we have discussed, there are many excuses that can be made for certain behaviors, but it is this eagerness to discover what seems to be beyond comprehension that led to a spectacular stir within the community. as well as a exhaustive search of a why C’Thun was considered to be the most difficult enemy in the entire game, so much so that from the first moment he was considered invincible for the level of equipment that existed at the time. with this first “clue”the players began to pull the thread.

If you are connoisseurs of terror lovecraftianit is clear that the name of C’Thun has a great similar to Cthulhu. In fact, the greatest similarity is found with those known as Chthonians, later added by Brian Lumley in the Cthulhu Mythos to the imaginary of a late Lovecraft. A latent cosmic terror in WoW? For those outside the game, it was time to sit back, grab some popcorn and wait for the craziest theories. Many found a certain reference to the statue of the General Turalyon since, among the most casual coincidences, the children were always 666 yards her.

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Of course, once we go to the metric system, the 666 changes to an inconspicuous, and even less demonic, 608.99 meters, but that’s the good thing about urban legends, the prevailing little logic and crazy stories. The children were screaming You… are going to… DIE! or “Death is near”, which increased that trail of satanic entities invading the game. Continuing with Turalyon, a champion who disappeared in battle during the Dark Portal event, the death of several children after the desire of Harland Wilson to rescue the statue from the burning magma:

“Mr. Wilson was uninjured, but nearby schoolchildren witnessed the statue melt and were consequently scarred for life,” pertaining to the Rules and Regulations Handbook.

The movie that the community mounted came to nothing

People already had the how, with some children psychologically distressed that they somehow killed themselves or summoned an ulterior entity. But the reason was missing, something that was less striking than the film that was mounted. maybe a connection with *text muted*? Many thought so. A reference to myths lovecraftians for future expansion? That sounded good, but with gamers about to call out a video game Iker Jimenez, the cold reality hit 5 years later.

John Staats, lead director of 3D desEsports Extrasfor World of Warcraft, teased in 2018 that it was a little joke/tribute within the Dungeon team at Blizzard. These kept a friendly rivalry with other small teams within Blizzard, and one of them was Level Exterior, in charge of the additions in the game’s scenarios. Staats and his teammates sought to include Aaron Keller, Dana Jan, John Staats, Jose Aello Jr. and Cameron Lamprecht, along with Lisa Schoner, the then receptionist. This is how the 6 children came out: Cameron, John, Jose, Lisa, Dana and Aaron.

The Level Exterior team complied with their demands, but made a change and created a bug. The change was that of Dana Jan, a developer within Blizzard who, because her name sounded feminine, was included as a girl in the game. The error came from the programming. The team never wanted to make a pentagram. All children would revolve around Cameron Lamprecht, WoW artist, but the code interpreted a position similar to that of a staff instead of a circle. But with more than 5 years of stories, theories and speculations, each one more absurd, why take something from the community that, against all odds, has united them?


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