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Yesterday we reported on the beef or case “Zenchilli vs. Hardwaredealz”. Not long after our article, Der8auer released another video. This came as a surprise, as it was clear from Zenchilli’s video that all fronts had been clarified. Der8auer’s video is not a “Yes, everything is clarified” video. Der8auer intensifies incidents about a competition that were previously addressed by Zenchilli but were clarified as errors. There is FRAUD in the room.

Der8auer’s video starts with the well-known allegations, which continue to tend towards “Look what he’s doing, that doesn’t happen here!”. Sweepstakes via the shop, inaccuracies in the drawing of other sweepstakes. As mentioned, Zenchilli’s last point in particular seemed more like “I don’t give Gheed any money”. But Der8auer probably got the hint from the community to take a closer look at a draw broadcast by Zenchilli. And Der8auer shows us that now. You can see the video in the Zenchilli about probably Instagram drawing a lottery for a, I think 3060 and a B450 board??? (about 1000€), drawn. He pivots on 2 windows. It shows the list of participants showing first and last. Then he swings to the random number generator and draws 13! The recording breaks off, starts again and Zenchilli mentions something he doesn’t know why the recording keeps breaking off today. Then he pans back to the list and shows 13. The practiced mind is getting a little weird now. So you rewind and right! The name that appears under 13 is before and after the cut! another.

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So far so admitted. But that wasn’t enough for the group around Hardwaredealz, Der8auer and others. Hence the video in which everything is worked up again. Why not use a short or something like that, well. youtube. The content of the video is rather short. Not much that was new was uncovered, but everything was rolled up excessively again. Why excerpts from Zenchilli’s videos are made unrecognizable here, either extreme caution or dramatization. Who knows. And yet the whole number has a “taste” for me.

Own opinion on the beef (This reflects the personal opinion of the author and not that of the entire editorial team)

Now only my opinion, the rest was seasoned to the maximum. The whole number smells somehow. If the strokes of fate around Zenchilli were not involved and also an open topic, I would believe my feelings. But I can’t imagine it like that. But with the best will in the world, I can’t imagine how something that Zenchilli pulled off PUBLICLY can be true. Who does that please? Yes, definitely a lot! It’s also easy and CANNOT be DISCOVERED! Unless your name is Zenchilli and you’re posting a bunglingly fake video for the draw.

  1. why do you do it at all
  2. why do you publish the sheet that contains all the data
  3. why do you do everything in one take with an artificial “camera failure”
  4. why then is one of the numbers drawn near the shown parts of the list

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This act raises so many “stupid whys”. Sure, after Occam’s Razor maybe Zenchilli is just dumb (in that regard) and the group of other youtubers just revealed that. Even if they just told you everything. Even if an ad would have freed them from the “guilt” and the videos would not have had to be made like that. But the whole story writes and reads just wonderful. The bad guy, who is now really suspected of having acted criminally in one respect. The group of other competing youtubers who criticize and then point the gun to his chest that he may now confess everything else everything would be exposed. But every demand that is made, most of the criticisms, are at the “Behaviour towards the community” level. His sweepstakes are unfair to YOU. All this is not what YOU want. YOU write it to him under his old video and he does it again. I know it’s itchy when you see others not checking it. For whom the behavior that is important to you simply doesn’t matter. Yes, you want to yell at them what idiots they are. The grass would be nicer anywhere else. But you don’t scream. You grumble to yourself and let it happen. Especially when you’re a competitor. But YouTube is different. Here you tell your community what they are not able to recognize. Look how it is there, do you think it’s OK? But please don’t go over there now… and with that word the mob was already on its way. I think that’s how BEEF works!

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I’m sticking with Occam’s Razor. It is like it is. Zenchilli acted more than badly. The others have uncovered this and want to clarify. Now they’re following up because Zenchilli didn’t provide comprehensive information and didn’t get rid of it with the win either. We continue to monitor what is happening. Next it’s Zenchilli’s turn again.

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