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Postal 2 launches a new update 20 years after its release

Postal 2 received a new update 20 years after its original release, and the game developer made the download worthwhile as they added many improvements, additions, and changes to the game. Postal 2 was a controversial game, filled with violence, satire and unfiltered fun, allowing players to express themselves without restraint, and with this update, the experience will be even better.

Postal 2 was released many years ago, and at the time of its release, it received a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. The game generated controversy due to its violent content and animal violence, and was banned in several countries shortly after its release. Fortunately for gamers around the world, most of these bans were lifted after some time and Portal 2 can now be accessed by most on PC. The Postal series is famous for its controversial content and it didn’t stop with Postal 2; Postal 3 was even banned from Steam.


Recently, the developer of Postal 2 released a new update for the game, which includes improvements, changes, and additions. Some of the most exciting additions to the game are the new in-game menu, new Ludacris difficulty setting, more crosshair customization options, and the new Flipping the Bird feature from Paradise Lost.