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Power Wash Simulator Review

In a time where De Todo Simulator is developed, it is not surprising that the most daily activities of the human being are made into a video game. The formula has worked, and the proof is that they continue to release games with the Simulator name. Now FuturLab brings us Power Wash Simulator, which just as the name suggests, is a pressure washer cleaning simulator.

In Power Wash Simulator We will be the owner of a cleaning company that begins its adventures in the world of dirt. Curiously and conveniently, many clients have something full of dirt from a motorcycle to an entire amusement park. They will call us and as we clean one of these assets, more and more complex orders will continue to arrive.


Really, at the story level it is impersonal, since each client contacts us through our faithful tablet and they do not have a face, not even in their profile photos. All the dialogue is through messages that they send us to request our services while we work cleaning. The dialogues are often with a sense of humor, because they not only tell us about the job in question, but also talk about their personal life as if it were a friend.

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My name is Dor, Clean Dor

The obvious goal of Power Wash Simulator It is to clean any object or property that has been assigned to us covered in an omnipresent filth. The game is in the first person with controls similar to any game of the genre saving the distances. The difference is that while we clean, we will earn money that we use to buy better equipment.


To do our job well against dirt, we must take into account several factors. First, we will have different nozzles with different dispersion and throw angles. In addition, different extensions of the water gun to cover a greater distance.

Power Wash Simulator Review

Also, not every surface is cleaned in the same way. We will have textures such as metal, glass, rock, wood, etc. Each requires a type of nozzle and a type of soap, although everything usually cleans up with water.

We will also have a series of external tools that help us reach high places such as small and large stairs. We can take and move them at our convenience.


game modes

Power Wash Simulator Review

The game has four main game modes:

Career mode: It is the main way in which we must grow our company with different cleaning orders.

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Bonus Jobs: A series of special object jobs such as cleaning a probe on Mars, a locomotive, a mini golf course.

Free Game: Here we can repeat any mission we want without limit.

challenge mode: They are a series of challenges in which we will have a water and time limit to progress.


Each mode, with the exception of the challenge mode, can be played both solo and online co-op. It’s fun to see how we clean the dirtiest places in the city together with other colleagues. While one takes care of one area, the others clean the rest.

Money is everything

Power Wash Simulator Review

As I already mentioned, we will be earning money that will help us to invest in better work tools. The game has a store where we can buy new pressure washers, better equipment, soaps for different surfaces, new clothes, and cosmetic accessories.

However, not everything is available, since we must progress in career mode to unlock some objects. Among the improvements are more nozzles for the gun that can have more reach or a wider shooting area, extensions for the hose, different types of soap for different surfaces.


squeaky clean

Power Wash Simulator Review

Graphically, it is a modest game although it has its moments like when we have a completely clean and shiny object. Many of these objects are well modeled such as vehicles, furniture, benches, etc. It is not a game that requires too much use of graphic power.

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As for the sound, it is a quiet game that has no background music other than the relaxing jet of our water gun. It does not even have voices, although we believe that it is not necessary either.



Power Wash Simulator It is a title that without great pretensions seeks to relax the player with its proposal for cleaning spaces. For anyone who carries their obsessive-compulsive inside, we will immerse ourselves in a strange feeling of satisfaction when doing our job. He has his moments of frustration not knowing which particle of dirt we need, but for the most part we will enjoy cleaning. It has its science when having to know how to choose the best equipment to end the dirt, and we will have to invest the money in improvements for our business.

Note: This review was made on the PS5 version and the code was provided thanks to Square Enix.

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