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PowerA Spectra Infinity Remote Review | we are xbox

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The first thing we want to talk to you about is the appearance of the Spectra Infinity of PowerA. As you can see for yourself, if something characterizes the aesthetics of this controller, it is its great resemblance to the official Xbox controller. This is great news because we already know the ergonomic benefits of said controller and, in addition, because it offers a magnificent familiarity. As soon as you have it in your hands you will already be used to its touch and ready to play. Where there are differences is in the finishes. The slightly rough texture of the official Xbox controller is replaced in this Spectra Infinity by a much smoother one, although it is not slippery. Which is better? A matter of taste, I suppose.

The back part respects the textured finish of the Xbox Series controller, but with less zeal in his proposal. As we mentioned, the positive part is that putting your hands on it feels great, and that’s what matters. Another major change from the official Xbox Series controller is the D-Pad, which comes in the classic four-pointed shape instead of Microsoft’s revised next-gen version, which is a circle with eight positions. For the rest, the stick distribution (asymmetric), the Xbox, share and options buttons, and also the classic A, B, X, Y buttons with their respective colors, are faithfully recreated in this Spectra Infinity.


However, the hallmark of this PowerA command is its LED backlight, common in keyboards and other PC components, but unusual in the world of console controllers. We leave the details about its operation and programming for later in this review, and we only anticipate that it is a very curious feature and that undoubtedly adds a unique touch to the Spectra Infinity.

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Value added

Analysis of the PowerA Spectra Infinity 58 controller

We have already talked about the things that make the Spectra Infinity a familiar controller for those who have tried the official Xbox one. But now it’s time to do the same with those that differentiate him from him and provide him with an unquestionable added value. LED lights are one of the highlights, but not the only one. Between the crosshead and the right stick we find a lever that allows us to raise and lower the volume when we have connected an external headset, which is as simple as using the minijack port at the bottom of the controller. At the top we have the USB connector, necessary to insert the included cable in the box and required to play. It is, after all, a wired controller. There’s no more new to the front of the controller, but the rear is a very different story.

Right after the grips we will find a button on each side. These are the typical additional buttons and fully configurable that allow us to add some extra actions, especially useful for games with many different controls such as an RPG or a sports or driving title. In that rear part we also find two extra buttons, in the central area, called Program and Leds. As you can imagine, they are the buttons that we must use to customize the backlight of the controller and also the button assignment. All of this is perfectly explained in the product instructions and does not offer any major complications, although it would have been a great hoot to have an external application that would make the task more accessible.

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Last but not least, we have two levers, one on each side of the triggers, which serve as a blocker of these same They have three positions: fully unlocked, partially locked, and fully locked. It is neither more nor less than a way to restrict the travel of the triggers and thus punish them less with use. It’s not particularly a feature that a server gets much use out of, but it can be very useful for first-person shooter fans who enjoy competitive gameplay and want to have to do “less effort.” Or be deadlier with less trigger pull.


Configuration and tuning

Analysis of the control PowerA Spectra Infinity 59

As we explained earlier, the fact that it is a wired controller makes things easier for the PowerA Spectra Infinity. Just plug it in, press the Xbox button on the front of your controller, and start playing. Something more intricate has the LED light configuration, the hallmark of the device. We explain it to you so that you can see that it is not really a problem and that it is easy to use this function. But first we start by telling you to what extent it is customizable.

The remote has three different zones independent of each other, which means that you can customize up to three sections. The first encompasses the entire front panel, but only around the outline of the controller; the second, the left stick and the buttons A, B, X, Y; and the third, the crosshead and the right stick. You can choose between red, blue, yellow and green, between five shades within each of them and also between two modes, strong and dimmed, as well as raising or lowering its brightness.

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To do this you must press the led button on the back of the controller, activate the mode and press A, B, X or Y to choose the color and continue pressing those buttons to choose the tone you prefer. With the up or down arrow you choose whether you want it strong or attenuated and with the left and right you choose between the ten different brightness tones. As simple as it sounds.



Analysis of the PowerA Spectra Infinity 60 controller

The PowerA Spectra Infinity is a solid knob, pleasant to the touch, with ergonomics worthy of the official Xbox controller and with enough additional and extra features to attract the most curious. It is a wired controller, we must start from that base and know if it is what interests us. If it is, it may be your dream controller. The LED backlight It gives it a distinctive and differential touch with respect to other controls, but we also have the customizable rear buttons and the levers to lock, semi-lock or release the triggers. They are novelties and additions more than interesting to be able to say that the Spectra Infinity is a magnificent command and that, in addition, will make you forget about the battery and have to recharge it.



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