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PowerWash Simulator will have a crossover with the Tomb Raider series


Everyone knows there’s only one proper way to clean delicate old relics from a bygone era: pressure washing. Yes, a high-pressure water jet is the safest way to clean a T-Rex skeleton or historical armor, but why mention it? Because PowerWash Simulator has teamed up with Lara Croft for the crossover that no one expected in early 2023, but maybe we all need now.

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The Tomb Raider DLC for the PowerWash Simulator, which will be released on January 31, 2023, will ask players to clean up the dirt from Croft Manor and the many antiquities it houses. This includes cleaning out Lara’s jeep, her boat, her training ground, and the relics she has collected over the years.

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This expansion will come to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Check out the DLC trailer below.

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Power Wash Simulator

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