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Predator pays homage to one of Marvel’s bloodiest scenes


Predator pays homage to one of Marvel’s bloodiest scenes

The scene between Marvel’s Sentry and Ares is recreated in Predator.

Beside alien, predator it may be one of the most exploited franchises nowadays. Having a presence in many products linked to pop culture such as comics, movies or video games, Predator has become one of the more extended alien universes. Currently, Marvel is being in charge of publishing the comics of predator and one of his most recent stories has paid homage to one of the publisher’s most brutal moments.

The scene that starred in Marvel’s Sentry and Ares is recreated in Predator

In Marvel’s PredatorTheta has been looking for a showdown with the Yautja who murdered his family decades ago in a colony located in the Astar Industries. The entire series has focused on her trying to hunt down the strange alien, taking out her companions in the meantime and setting traps for it to chase after so she can capture it. These events ultimately culminate in a brutal confrontation on the snowy planet of Tusketeven though Theta she’s not sure if it’s the killer she’s waiting for who’s coming for her.

Predator Hunting Grounds PS4

Predator: Hunting Grounds is one of many PlayStation games coming to PC

In the bloody battle that begins moments later, Theta shows a frightened figure that readers have not often associated her with, as she clearly underestimated the Predator hunter. In the Predator #6 comic, by ed brisson, Kev Walker, Frank D’Armata Y Clayton Cowles, the situation is reversed to Theta since it is the predator bloodthirsty who is giving hunt her down. Many fans will have felt that they had already seen that moment since it is reminiscent of a previous one that was linked to the marvel universe.

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Marvel’s nastiest death is associated with the dark avengers of Norman Osbornwhose origin is closely linked to the event of secret invasion. After the SHIELD organization was disbanded, osborn formed HAMMER to monitor the world during the time of the Dark Reign.

Predator pays homage to one of Marvel's bloodiest scenes

Sentry and Ares starred in one of Marvel’s bloodiest battles

As part of this story, Norman Osborn took it upon himself to recruit his own version of the avengers with additions of the most sinister. Norman Osborn likened this characteristic group of Avengers to the thunderbolts that had their development some time ago. Became Iron Patriot, Bullseye became hawkeyebut most importantly, he used Sentry Like your brute force.

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This led to the cosmic being turning against Aresthe God of Warwhen Osborn wanted his team to dark avengers invade Asgardian during the comic series siege. Ares did not want to be part of the hostile invasion, so void took charge of this and made Sentry split the Greek god in half. A horror- and gore-laden scene that many praised as being a bold move by Marvel to show the brutality of war. Regardless of this, it’s still one of the bloodiest deaths ever for a character. Marvel that have occurred to date.

Predator pays homage to one of Marvel's bloodiest scenes

Predator tearing one of its victims to pieces

Returning to the universe of predator in the sixth issue of the series, the Yautja attack the outpost where he is hiding Theta, finding out how he is trying to lure him into getting shot by the soldiers. At the same time, is capable of sending a bomb via a spider robot that blows up the ship. Eliminate many agents astar in its path causing multiple casualties. Parallel to this, Captain Ferrier starts arguing with Theta about how he ruined the entire crew.

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In the end, the Yautja he sneaks up behind him and disembowels him with his sword. Then, in a bloody display, she picks him up and rips him in half. It is a very sinister scene in which predator takes a position similar to that of Sentry. In this case, it is a much easier task since the victim is a mere human, but the intimidation factor is still there. It is true that the murder may surprise many readers because it was such an explicit situation.

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