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Premieres of Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + in September that may interest you if you like video games

Science fiction, fantasy, zombies, fighting and superheroes is what awaits us among the highlights of this month.

Premieres of Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + in September that may interest you if you like video games

Of course, whoever has gone on vacation and returned in this month of September It will have series and movies for a while. Here at Esports Extras we have had the pleasure of making a compilation of the best movies and series for anyone who like video games. To summarize, this little month of September is very varied in terms of genres, but there are very important things to highlight.

Before going deeper, we have to pay special attention to what happened a few days ago. We included her in last month’s special and she couldn’t miss her mention of the recent cancellation of Netflix’s Resident Evil series. On the other hand, getting into the matter, we have the series of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power very close. As soon as the month enters we can take a look at it to see for ourselves if it has the same epicity as the original trilogy.

We also do not take our eyes off the reruns of the films that arrive in theaters, as is the case with Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time. Another example of success in theaters is Spider-Man: No Way Homewhich will be interesting to see again, and more after the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC.

This and many more things will arrive in the month of September if you are a subscriber of Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Do not forget that you can enjoy the entire catalog that we are going to present to you now and if it is not enough for you, we present you with a playable alternative. ¡back from vacation It could not have been better!

The Rings of Power - September 2 (Prime Video)

The Rings of Power – September 2 (Prime Video) It can be the bombshell of the summer or the disappointment of the month. The Rings of Power is set before the trilogy, that is, in the Dark Ages. If you want to delve deeper into Middle Earth you can play Shadow of Mordor as it is one of the September games on Prime. If you want something more relaxing or fun, LEGO the Hobbit and LEGO the Lord of the Rings are good options.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - September 2 (Cinemas)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – September 2 (Cinemas) A long-awaited movie arrives in theaters as it recovers one of Goku’s enemies belonging to the Dragon Ball series. At the international box office the film is being a success. From Esports Extras we recommend that you take advantage of the slipstream and don’t miss out on the opportunity to play Dragon Ball FighterZ, a game that we have analyzed and that we classify as ‘Magnificent’.

Rick and Morty S6 - September 5 (HBO Max)

Rick and Morty S6 – September 5 (HBO Max) Season 6 of Rick and Morty arrives in style at HBO Max. The plot of the series continues with how the fifth ended, but now they are much more tired of their many interesting trips through the multiverse. If you want the craziness of Rick and Morty to rub off on you, you can wait for High On Life since its dialogues maintain the essence of the series and will remind you of it a lot.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners - September 13 (Netflix)

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – September 13 (Netflix) CD Projekt Red and Studio Trigger come together so that we can enjoy this animated series. The narrative is that of a child who lives badly in this totally Cyberpunk city. To survive he has to become an edgerunner mercenary. Playable alternatives? We’re not going to say Cyberpunk 2077, but Ghostrunner’s title seems to do it justice too.

Andor (D+) - September 21

Andor (D+) – September 21 Although there are a few weeks left, we couldn’t leave out this series starring Cassian Andor. It is presented as a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars story that is sure to bring us more fast-paced action packed with many blasters. Beyond this series you can take a look at Star Wars: Squadrons whose space battles are quite faithful to the movies.

Tales of the Walking Dead - September 22 (AMC+)

Tales of the Walking Dead – September 22 (AMC+) This spin-off will bring new stories of mythical characters from the series and others still unknown. In these 6 chapters we will see a universe that does not stop bringing series to expand even more. In video games, the machinery doesn’t end either, but if you want a great narrative you can’t miss The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series whose first installment was GOTY.

Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles - September 23

Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles – September 23 Pokemon returns this time to Netflix with a series whose premise is to investigate the legend of the mythical Pokemon Arceus, and among other things to put a stop to a conspiracy that endangers the world. In this case, as a playable alternative to further expand the story, it would make sense for you to take a look at Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a title we consider to be a ‘Must Have’.

Spider-Man: No Way Home - September 23 (Cinemas)

Spider-Man: No Way Home – September 23 (Cinemas) One of the best films of one of the best superheroes in history returns to theaters to give us an extended version that promises to give us scenes not seen until now. This is a magnificent fan-service that no fan can miss. Peter Parker doesn’t stay on the big screen, because Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered comes to PC with the ambition of saving your fun.

Avatar - September 30 (Cinemas)

Avatar – September 30 (Cinemas) In order to marvel at the beauty of Pandora and leave us with honey on our lips for the second installment, Avatar returns to theaters. He will do it again in 3D with 4K and HDR. Surely you want to go much further after seeing the movie, so we recommend that you play James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, a title that may surprise you.

Geek Recommendation: Cobra Kai |  S5 - September 9 (Netflix)

Geek Recommendation: Cobra Kai | S5 – September 9 (Netflix) As usual in Esports Extras and in each month of the year, we leave you this geek recommendation. Cobra Kai Season 5 promises to be much more after the unexpected return of Chozen. If you want to feel like a true sensei of martial arts, you can venture out and play Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues as it is a correct and fun beat’em up.

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