Price, design and everything you need to know

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price, design and everything you need to know

The world of video games has expanded into new realms for a couple of years. The industry has seen a boom in other markets such as collectibles and figures. An example of this is the NieR franchise, created by Yoko Taro and Square Enix, which has been able to capitalize very well on this type of demand. That is why today’s article brings you the 8 best NieR Automata figures, their price and where to get them.

An initial review of the NieR franchise

He merchandising It is something extremely important if a saga or game wants to make a permanent niche for himself in the entertainment industry today. NieR Automata is an example of this, since the original game, launched in its early days in 2017 and which had a first installment in 2010 that was later turned into NieR Replicant a decade later, has conquered the hearts of millions. of players in the world.

And it has not only stopped there since we have seen several replicas, figures and collectibles from the saga to complement our game room or room. In addition, the NieR universe recently made the leap to the screen with its anime series, which by the way has announced very interesting news for the future. The project has ended up further cementing the name of the saga within the video game community and beyond.

NieR Automata 2B Yorha No 2 Type B 2.0 Action Figure

As a direct import by Square Enix, This 2B figure is one of the most sought after in the collector’s market, and also its price is not very skyrocketing compared to other lower quality figures, making it affordable for a larger audience. With this design, which recreates the most recognized emblem of the NieR saga in 3D form, we will also have as accessories the Virtuous Arms Contract, the Virtuous Treaty, the Cruel Arrogance and the Cruel Lament (fans will know what I’m talking about). It also includes 3 head sculpts, seven hand parts, and a fully articulated scabbard. As a final shot we will have a black box and a post-self-destruction torso.

NieR Automata 2B Yorha No 2 Type B 2.0 Action Figure on Amazon – €210

NieR Automata 9S Yorha No 9 Type S

9S could not be missing as another of the most sought-after collector’s figures from NieR Automata. Including an extensive customizable set we can change the aesthetics of our figure with various aspects of 9S, 2B’s inseparable companion throughout the NieR Automata adventure and one of the protagonists of the anime released a few months ago as well. Accessory parts also include an additional lower body for self-destruct mode.

NieR Automata 9S Yorha No 9 Type S on Amazon – €166.44

Nier Automata A2 Yorha Type A No 2 Nendoroid Action Figure

It’s time to change the style a bit this time with this simpler figure from A2 from NieR Automata. Although it changes a lot with respect to the previous ones, it has its own grace. With a style that could remind us of Funkos, this A2 figure is very well priced on Amazon, just over €70. We also have another figure of the same style but of Kaine, from NieR Replicant.

NieR Automata 2A Nendoroid Action Figure on Amazon – €73.66

These iconic characters from the NieR saga needed their place on this list. The figures of the Devola and Popola twins are also one of the most charismatic that we can find officially marketed by Square Enix. These can be found on Amazon for a total price of €215.43. The red-haired twins have a crucial role not only in NieR Replicant where they are much more visible, but also in NieR Automata they end up playing an almost leading role from the second half of the game.

NieR Devola and Popola on Amazon – €215.43

NieR Replicant Kaine

For many the best protagonist of the entire NieR saga. Kaine deserves her place on this list with one of the best quality-price figures available and marketed by Square Enix. On Amazon we can find it for €133.96. Co-star in NieR Replicant and Gestaltone of the most special and endearing characters of Yoko Taro has been immortalized in a collectible figure that meets expectations.

NieR Replicant Kaine on Amazon – €133.96

Square Enix Masterline NieR:Automata 1/3Scale 2B

The Square Enix Masterline occupies the penultimate place in this list with a special figure both for the care, quality and detail as well as its price. Officially created by Square Enix itself and distributed worldwide, this 1/3 scale edition of 2B has created a sensation for being one of the newest in NieR Automata. It also includes a support for the figure and POD042 our inseparable companion robot. The price of the figure is $1,755 and it has a superior version for almost $2,000..

Take a look at the presentation trailer of 2B Scale 1/3

Square Enix MasterLine NieR: Automata 1/4 Scale Deluxe Version

The 8 best NieR Automata figures: Price, desEsports Extrasand everything you need to know

The list is closed by this masterpiece of creativity and design. Let’s start with the hard. this figure Deluxe edition of NieR Automata costs more than €3,000. A price that very few would be willing to pay. However, it deserves its place on this list. This 1/4 scale version is one of the highest quality in the entire repertoire of figures that it can offer us. Square Enix with the NieR Automata universe. The figure features the 3 main protagonists of NieR Automata: 2B, 9S and A2.

The list of NieR Automata figures is very extensive, and from the Square Enix Masterline edition line they have left us authentic masterpieces to which to cast an eye without a doubt. You can look at the rest of the list on the official Square Enix website:

Square Enix Official Website for NieR Merchandise

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