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prices getting closer

Prices continue to fall worldwide, although we already know that manufacturers have done, and will do, everything possible to alleviate this deficit as quickly as possible. Curiosity is occurring when comparing the three main storage methods by different stores in the world, where in many cases we are seeing SSD NVMe at the price of SATA 3, while traditional hard drives are still kings. Can they be equated? ssd to the HDD before the price hike begins?


We have little left of this price hecatomb that, as a general rule, has reached SSDs. One only has to look to the most recent past to see that in the last two years the decline has been prolonged, although it has had its ups and downs, that is also true. The funny thing is that, it seems, the SATA have bottomed out, and therefore, the NVMe are getting closer in price.

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NVMe vs SATA 3 vs HDD: why are they getting closer in price?


As is often the case, storage methods are measured in cents per Esports Extrasbyte. The psychological mark for an NVMe SSD is 5 cents per GBor what is the same, 50 euros per terabyte approximately. Well, in certain parts of the world (obviously not in USA, we don’t buy as much to have volume discounts similar to other countries) 1 TB SSDs have already been seen for that price, and even less.

It goes without saying that we are not talking about TOP models or in quality/price/performance, they are access models with the right performance and the right durability, but equally, they surpass a SATA 3 model, even in consumption on many occasions.

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This year things are still stable, but there are models that are already up a hair in price. In certain parts of Europe we can find 2 TB models approaching 100 euroswhich for decent performance and medium-high storage, is more than okay.


How is it possible that HDDs continue to be the option to choose in capacity?


Basically because in the NVMe vs SATA 3 vs HDD comparison, SSDs have stagnated in price/storage for which we already discussed on Friday. HDDs are still the kings of capacity per euro invested, to the point that they are more than twice as cheap as SSDs in comparison.

So, if space is required, unfortunately, you’re going to need a traditional hard drive, especially if the storage demands are very high, more than 8TB and so on. The problem is performance, because although there are drives bordering on or exceeding 500 MB/swhich is pretty much what SATA 3 SSDs have been doing for years, the price of these HDDs also rises.

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We are talking about a normal hard drive having a ratio of 2 cents per GB or 20 euros per Terabyte approximately, but in high-performance HDDs the cost doubles, getting dangerously close to the values ​​of SATA SSDs, although with much greater capacity, yes.


In any case, there isn’t much time left to get hold of any of them. New prices will be agreed in just two months, chip stock is slowly depleting and a slow, gradual cost escalation is expected to start in April, ending in 2024 if all goes well. Bad news for users and that follows the trend of the industry and the sector.


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