Prime Video: all October 2023 releases confirmed with a big film

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prime video: all october 2023 releases confirmed with a big

Here are the first new Prime Video releases for October 2023 that have been confirmed. It’s going to be hot, there’s going to be blood, and even a clone of a Netflix series.

As for Disney+, but also Netflix, we summarize the new Prime Video features for October 2023 which have been revealed. A non-exhaustive list which will evolve in the following days, and we will of course talk about it again in our columns. Major programs to plan after the John Wick series, The Wheel of Time and Gen V, the spin-off of The Boys?

New Prime Video movies for October 2023

The new Prime Video releases for October 2023 will celebrate the Halloween period with Totally Killer. A slasher with Kiernan Shipka aka Sabrina Spellman in the Netflix series The New Adventures of Sabrina. And there will be a bit of witchcraft somewhere since the young woman will travel back in time, to 1987, to stop a serial killer. The opportunity for her to meet her mother in her youth. If teen romances are your thing, After 5 should do the trick. This will be the final chapter in the relationship between Tessa and Hardin, and winning the young woman back will not be an easy thing.

On October 11, 2023, Amazon Prime Video will make room for Awareness. A Spanish-American sci-fi film where a teenager will have to fight not to be overwhelmed by his powers. The Burial will feature the story of a brilliant lawyer played by Jamie Foxx who will have to protect his client, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who is the victim of a vast fraud. Below are the other films confirmed in October 2023.

  • After 5 (October 3)
  • Totally Killer (October 6)
  • Awareness (October 11)
  • The Burial (October 13)
  • Drone Games (October 19)
  • The Other Zoey (October 22)
  • Mafia Mamma (October 23)
Credits: Amazon Prime Video.

The series and docs for October 2023

It’s impossible to have missed the La Casa de Papel phenomenon, for better and especially for worse. Since it’s a Netflix series, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have the rights, but the platform has somehow managed to get around that. The American giant is offering its own show where a team of Italian thieves will pull off the heist of the century by stealing diamonds. A burglary that actually took place in Antwerp in 2003 during which thugs emptied 123 safes for loot exceeding $100 million.

Upload, a science fiction comedy series, is back for season 3 and it should please. For subscribers, it is one of the best programs on the SVOD service. “In a future where humans are capable of uploading themselves into life after death, Nathan, who died prematurely, is welcomed into his version of paradise by a certain Nora. He will have to adapt…” (via CinéSérie). After being uploaded into a new body, Nathan continues his relationship with Nora. But at the same time he will have to put an end to a great and strange conspiracy.

  • Everybody Loves Diamonds (October 13)
  • Upload – season 3 (October 20)

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