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Prince already jokes about his companions

FlyQuest has been considered one of the big winners of the last transfer market of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). With the arrival of Christopher Smith”PapaSmithy»As president of the club, the organization has opted for a project similar to that of Team Liquid with a majority of South Korean players. However, this situation gained more relevance when the entity took over the services of Lee Chae-hwan «Prince«, one of the jewels of the last League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK).

Prince’s last season earned him a place as one of the best shooters in the LCK. The ADC was the leader of Liiv SANDBOX, who finished the regular phase in third position. The shooter went head-to-head with JD Gaming player Park Jae-hyuk “Ruler” for the competition’s MVP award. By getting 12 player of the match awards, both shared the recognition of player of the divided (regular phase). By signing him along with Jeong Eon-young”Impact» and Lee Dae-kwang «VicLa“, FlyQuest ensured its services and an environment full of Korean speakers for your comfort.

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Beyond sharing a locker room with two compatriots, though, Prince has come to FlyQuest with a bot lane first. Originally the organization signed Bill Nguyen “Eyla” as support holder, but finally the one who has started the season is Kim Dong-keon «Winsome». The former Cloud9 player has started due to his communication skills, but has become the object of a joke by his partner due to the gesture he made during the first game of the Spring Split.

In his LCS debut, Prince managed to shine with Zeri, going as far as getting a quadruple kill before taking down the Nexus. The former Liiv SANDBOX player sought the pentakill, but it couldn’t partly because Winsome didn’t take the damage from the source first. The shooter, known in South Korea for his charisma, did not hesitate to “attack” his partner live: “Why didn’t Winsome go first? In an LCK best-of-three, if Winsome had played like this, he would have switched supports«.


Prince on missed Pentakill: “Why Winsome didn’t go first? If LCK BO3, if Winsome play like dis? I change SUP” from leagueoflegends

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