Prince of Persia: huge controversy around the game, Ubisoft responds

prince of persia: huge controversy around the game, ubisoft responds

Tom Henry

Prince of Persia: huge controversy around the game, Ubisoft responds

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown was obviously a bad surprise for a lot of players and as a result Ubisoft had to face a lot of very negative reviews. Forcing the publisher to respond on social networks.

Recently Ubisoft Montpellier presented Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, return with great fanfare to the franchise after 13 years of absence. And if players are enthusiastic about this idea, the least we can say is that the trailer had a lot of trouble convincing many other people. Indeed according to a report from videogameschronicle, the game received a mainly negative response from users on YouTube and this is particularly the case on the Ubisoft channel, PlayStation, Nintendo of America, Esports Extrasand GameSpot. The total number of likes is 21,163 against 52,691 dislikes.

Prince of Persia and the icy welcome, Ubisoft reacts

Mainly, the element that is more singled out on social networks is the use of music to illustrate the trailer, which appeals to a hip-hop/rap sound. Ditto for the desEsports Extrasof the character and the hairstyle based on dreadlocks which are far from unanimous, and which do not seem to have any connection with Persia culturally speaking. This is obviously without mentioning the racist comments on the rather affro style of the character which have no place to be. Indeed, if it is quite possible to dislike an artistic choice for a historical or cultural reason, racism remains inadmissible regardless of its form. Ubisoft does not specifically mention it in its response but still wants to react to the reactions as you can see below:

We welcome all your feedback, positive or negative.

And know that many of your questions and concerns will be answered in the days and weeks ahead.

You just have to wait!

It remains to be seen how Ubisoft will get out of this bad patch, both to respond to hateful criticism and to intelligible and legitimate criticism.

Prince of Persia: what is the program?

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is expected on PC and consoles on January 18, 2024. This is a return to the roots of the franchise but it should not be confused with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake which as its name suggests is a remake of the cult episode The Sands of Time. We don’t yet really know what Ubisoft intends to do with PoP and if the character of the Prince as we know it will gradually disappear to make way for the version visible in the trailer of The Lost Crown.

On your side, what do you think of this new game?

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