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Professional LoL players will go on strike against Riot Games

professional lol players will go on strike against riot games

eSports have become commonplace among competitive online games. Here the best teams and players in the world compete with each other to see who is better and win the tournament and a very likely grand prize. Among these games we have the tremendously popular League of Legends, which is going through a bad time in the competitive field. And it is that, a decision of Riot Games has sparked protests among League of Legends playerswhich they voted for a strike.

League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world, with an estimate of about 180 million players worldwide. This positions you in the Top 5 most played games and like other games of the genre, it has a very competitive atmosphere. Players from all over the world hone their game skills every day and many franchises assemble their teams with the aim of winning some of the great prizes.

League of Legends players unite in a strike

The LCS (League Championship Series) is the most important tournament for professional League of Legends players in United States and Canada. This league is of great importance to Riot Games, it is organized by them and it is presented in two parts throughout the year. In this 2023, the LCS is in trouble and all because of Riot Games’ decision to not require franchises to form an amateur team. Because of this, many franchises have decided to do without their amateur teams for the summer season.

The players of the North American league have risen up in protest, voting in favor of summoning a strike against this practice. For them, the fact that amateur teams are dispensable means that they can’t make it to compete in the LCS and therefore, its possibilities are eliminated. This vote in favor of the strike was carried out by the LCSPAwhich represents North American LoL players.

5 teams of professional players refuse to participate in the NACL


It was on May 12 when Riot Games announced that the franchises had requested the obligation to form teams in the amateur league. Since then, players in the league have shown their opposition to this decision and announced that more than 50% of professional players of the LCS have promoted from NACL league. At the moment, the decision of the League of Legends players and that of Riot Games do not coincide and therefore, the strike will take place at some point in the near future. It is expected to occur at the beginning of the summer season, that is, from June 1.


Before the strike comes true, we see that there is support from professional League of Legends teams. 5 of the top 10 teams in the LCS (Cloud9, 100 thieves, dignified, Golden Guardians and NRG) argued that they will not participate in the NACL this summer. Now we just have to wait until the Riot Games team and the LCSPA meet to reach an agreement.

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