PS Plus Extra/Premium June 2023: New bonus games coming – these are the date and time

ps plus extra/premium june 2023: new bonus games coming

Tom Henry

PS Plus Extra/Premium June 2023: New bonus games coming – these are the date and time

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Extra and Premium members will soon get new bonus games again.

Anyone who has subscribed to PS Plus Extra or Premium can soon look forward to a new batch of bonus games. Sony will announce the fresh titles of the June 2023 lineup next week. Here is the date and time of the announcement.

  • Estimated date: Wednesday June 14, 2023*
  • expected time: 5:30 p.m. (German time)*
  • When will the new games be available? Tuesday, the June 20, 2023 between 12 and 1 p.m. (German time)

*Where does this date come from? Sony usually unlocks the new PS Plus Extra/Premium games on the third Tuesday of the month and announces them on the Wednesday before. This time, June 14, 2023 is the day of the reveal and June 20, 2023 is the day of the live broadcast in the PlayStation Store.

All information on As always, GamePro will inform you as soon as Sony has announced the new titles.

No, not yet. However, a few weeks ago, a hint of a PS1 game appeared in the PlayStation Store database that could make the Premium lineup this month:

On June 20th, not only will new bonus games appear for Extra/Premium, but a total of 17 games will also fly out of the library. Including John Wick Hex. Party Hard and more.

All games leaving the service on June 20, 2023can be found in this GamePro overview:

Don’t have a PS Plus subscription? All information about Sony’s paid service can be found in our info hub for all important information about PS Plus.

In the GamePro overview linked above, we answer the most important questions as well as prices and advantages of the various models (PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium).

Tell us in the comments section: Which PlayStation Plus games for Extra and Premium do you want in June?

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