PS Plus in September 2023: The first two Extra/Premium games could already have leaked

ps plus essential games coming in july 2023: these are

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PS Plus in September 2023: The first two Extra/Premium games could already have leaked

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The new PS Plus Extra and Premium titles for August have only just been added to the games library, and the first possible leak for September has already surfaced. So we may already know two of the premium games that await us.

These PSP and PS3 games could be there

This time the info comes from the Taiwanese rating board, which recently gave two titles a rating for PS4 and PS5 – a rather unusual procedure for games that originally appeared for PSP and PS3.

The two titles are two real fighting game classics:

So it’s quite possible that the two games will be added to the subscription service very soon. September seems at least obvious here, even if it is not certain – but then only in the most expensive model PS Plus Premium, since these are classic titles.

How likely is that? So far, of course, this is only the classification and no official confirmation. However, it wouldn’t be the first time games have been leaked through rating boards and databases.

So recently for the PS1 title Herc’s Adventures. It already appeared in the PlayStation Store database for PS4 and PS5 a few weeks before it migrated to PS Plus Premium.

You can check which games you can get this month with PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium here:

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