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PS Plus Premium: New bonus game lures with a simple platinum trophy

PS Plus Premium has a new game with simple platinum.

PS Plus Premium has a new game with simple platinum.

Since yesterday, anyone who is a PS Plus Premium member can look forward to a new PS1 classic that promises a fairly simple platinum trophy. Basically, all you have to do is play through the shooter Siphon Filter 3 to get the coveted PS cup – without any grinding or annoying additional tasks (via Pushsquare).


Speaking of PS Plus, Siphon Filter 3 isn’t the only new game that’s been part of the service since yesterday. With PS Plus Extra and Premium you get 12 more bonus titles. All 13 new PS Plus Extra/Premium games can be found here at a glance:

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PS Plus Premium/Extra in January: Grab 13 new bonus games now

What you have to do to get platinum in Siphon Filter 3

Siphon Filter 3 is a stealth third-person shooter originally released in 2001 by Bend Studio, which is also responsible for the zombie open world game Days Gone. Thanks to PS Plus Premium, you can now play the PS1 classic on your PS4 and PS5.

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The trophies will fly towards you. All you have to do is play through the shooter to get the platinum trophy at the end. Just make sure to kill an enemy with the knife at one point in the game to get the bronze achievement “On a Razor’s Edge”. But you don’t have to pay attention to more with your platinum run.


It takes around 8 hours to complete Siphon Filter 3 and unlock Platinum. Of course, there are “Easy Platinum” games like My Name is Mayo, where you bag the highest PlayStation achievement faster. However, Siphon Filter 3 doesn’t put any obstacles in your way when it comes to trophy hunting, so it does without additional tasks such as collecting collectibles or playfully tricky challenges.

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Siphon Filter 3: All trophies at a glance

  • Platinum – Fresh Start: Unlock all trophies in Siphon Filter 3
  • Bronze – Checkout: Complete Hotel Fukushima
  • Silver – Vines and Mines: Complete “Costa Rica, Plantation”.
  • Silver – Blind Air Passenger: Complete “C-5 Galaxy Transporter”.
  • Silver – Fool’s Gold: Complete Pugari Gold Mine
  • Silver – The rescue came too late: Complete “Pugari Estate”.
  • Silver – Out of sight, out of mind: Complete “Kabul, Afghanistan”.
  • Silver – Bomb Cruise: Complete SS Lorelei
  • Silver – Ruins of Ruin: Complete “Aztec Ruins”.
  • Silver – What’s the Hurry?: Complete ‘Shore’
  • Silver – Betrayed: Complete ‘Docks, Final Assault’
  • Silver – Dusty Highway: Complete “Convoy”.
  • Gold – Beagle Boys: Complete The Beast
  • Gold – Risky Infiltration: Complete “Australia, Wilderness”.
  • Gold Cure for the Locals: Complete “St. George, Australia”.
  • Gold -What a mess: Complete “Paradise Ridge”.
  • Gold -Unexpected Allies: Complete “Militia Mansion”.
  • Gold -Protective Hand: Complete “Underground Bunker”.
  • Gold – Treason: Complete Senate Building
  • Gold – End of an Era: Complete “Subway, Washingt.”
  • Brąz – On the Razor’s Edge: Defeat an opponent with a knife
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What other games from the PS Plus library do you recommend that have single platinum trophies?