PS Plus: the October 2023 games have leaked, a big month to make amends?

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ps plus: the october 2023 games have leaked, a big

Some of the free PlayStation Plus games for October 2023 have been revealed in advance. A big month to make up for the price rise?

The PS Plus of September 2023 ended in a double disappointment. On the one hand, the trio of “free” games considered weaker than the other months. Between a catastrophic Saints Row at its launch, a low-quality Generation Zero and a Black Desert which was not for everyone, Sony was far from having pulled out all the stops to get its most painful announcement across: the increase in price of PlayStation Plus. All formulas without exception have undergone a more or less significant price increase. The pill is still hard to swallow for subscribers. The publisher is then particularly awaited at the turn for the PS Plus games of October 2023. Two of them have already leaked and it will obviously be a big month.

October PS Plus games leaked

Next month’s PS Plus games are revealed in advance. Part at least, since Bilbil Kun does it again by revealing two of the three titles that will be offered to subscribers next month. A particularly anticipated selection at the turn and which will ultimately feature the new game from the creator of Dead Space. From October 3 to November 7, 2023, PlayStation Plus members will be able to recover The Callisto Protocol, the horrific game released in December 2022 which caused a sensation before its release. It must be said that Glen Schofield oversold his last project, promising the goriest game ever seen and an AAAA.

He hadn’t lied about the kills, but for the rest the players generally remained hungry. The game offered in October on PS Plus was a commercial failure, forcing Striking Distance to lay off part of its workforce. While The Callisto Protocol was to be a new franchise destined to be developed in the future, the father of Dead Space finally took off a few days ago, leaving the studio he had founded.

What will be the third game offered?

The second confirmed PS Plus game for October 2023 will not appeal to everyone, but it nonetheless remains ultra popular. Farming Simulator 22 will also be offered to subscribers. The license that democratized the simulator genre will offer a rural stroll during an immersive farm management experience with a variety of agricultural vehicles, crops and animals to manage. As for the third “free” PS Plus game, we will have to wait until officially tomorrow around 5 p.m. to find out its identity. THE leaker did not give any clue as to its nature or size. There is, however, a good chance that this will be a smaller production, with the dataminer generally highlighting the most interesting games in these leaks.

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