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PS VR2 sales plummet well below Sony’s forecast

It’s no secret that Sony had high hopes for its PlayStation VR2 headset. Prior to its release, reports claimed that Sony had prepared around 2 million units, implying that it was expecting a big release (although it later halved that number). However, a new article from Bloomberg shows that the new helmet has not lived up to expectations.

Apparently, PS VR2 has only managed to sell about 270,000 units in the first month since its launch (8,000 of them in the first week in USA). The price of PS VR2 (600 euros) is supposed to be the main point of contention for many potential buyers, especially in the current economic climate.


A price drop for the PS VR2 is recommended to avoid Sony deeming it a sales flop. Although virtual reality is still a niche market, selling less than 300,000 units does not bode well for Sony’s recent bet on virtual reality.

Have you already tried the PS VR2 helmet?

PS VR2 sales plummet well below Sony's forecast