PS1 classics The Legend of the Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 are now available on PS Store

There are few titles in the huge catalog of the first PlayStation that have transcended with such affection from fans to this day. Therefore, that Sony has the detail of porting them and giving them a treatment according to their quality in current systems is worthy of an ovation. And it is that today two of the PS1 classics now arrive as digital titles from the PlayStation Store for PS4, and they are none other than The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2.

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The Legend of Dragoon came out in Japan in 1999, and in Europe it wouldn’t arrive until 2001. And although the reviews were not exactly good at that time, it managed to gather a legion of fans who have been asking Sony to continue with the series or, At the very least, it would allow them to enjoy the game on later hardware versions. Wild Arms 2, for its part, is the sequel to the JPGR with western touches released in 1996 by Media Vision and Sony.

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These new versions have been released separately today through the PS Store and include the function of obtaining trophies in them, which is sure that many veterans and some new players are launched to enjoy some old-school adventures. Both titles are available for €9.99 each.

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The Legend of the DragonThe Legend of the Dragon