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PS4 owners turn their console over to discover a tiny detail

In movies and video games, it’s not uncommon for fans to discover different Easter Eggs. These are mostly just small details and Sony has also insisted on hiding a little something with the PlayStation 4. All you have to do is turn your console over to see it.


PlayStation 4: Those little feet are cute

Many of you are familiar with this. You buy a console, unpack it and set it down or put it in its designated place to jump into the next best game as quickly as possible. Rarely do you turn your console over and look at the ground – but with the PlayStation 4 you should do that, because you might have too the console model with the special feet stand at home.

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PlayStation 4: The console is now upside down

The ball was started by Twitter user Liquodar, who discovered that the feet of his PlayStation 4 consist of the iconic symbols triangle, square, circle and X. It is apparently the slim model, but other models, such as the PS4 Pro, often have this hidden detail.

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While many players are excited about the new discovery, some fans claim they noticed this detail years ago.

But the PlayStation 4 isn’t the only console hiding the icons. The iconic characters are also hidden on the VR glasses and they can also be found on the PlayStation 5 accessories – the tiny button symbols appear on the controller as well as on the headset and the camera.

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Want to get even more out of your PS4? Then take a look at these tips:

Is it the same with you? If so, which model do you own? Have you already discovered other special features of your consoles or devices? Feel free to tell us in the Facebook comments.


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